CTI Online Course:

        DMC-E & NVX Continuing Education

        Crestron is pleased to announce a new streamlined DMC-E certification process.

        Throughout the year we'll help you stay current on the latest DigitalMedia products and solutions with a series of short online videos.

        To maintain your elite level of digital expertise, please watch our latest DM video below. Going forward, we will notify you when we have important new content for you to view.

        DM XiO Director Guided Tour

        This video provides an overview of the features and benefits of the Crestron DM XiO Director. Through the instructional simulation portion you will learn how to navigate through the Crestron DM XiO Director environment, and experience the Crestron DM XiO Director features, such as simplified routing, system management, and system monitoring.

        DM® NVX Performance Demo

        Join a Crestron Technology Manager through a competitive evaluation of quality and performance between Crestron DM NVX and 3 competitors’ products. You will see that Crestron DM NVX while running on a one gigabit network has excellent video quality, no latency, and all the security features you need.

        DM NVX Series Setup

        In this lesson, you will learn how easy it is to deploy a DM NVX network AV system in just three simple steps.