CTI Online Course:

        Crestron Fusion Installation and Configuration

        In this course, you will learn the steps to successfully install Crestron Fusion Software through best practices and troubleshooting. You will understand how Crestron Fusion software integrates with AV systems and communicates with an enterprise network. Through hands on exercises using the Crestron Fusion website, you will be able to implement various features, configure the interface, and use the advanced customization features of the software.

        After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
            • Fusion Software installation.
            • Identify Fusion deployment requirements.
            • Configuration of a Crestron Server needed Design consideration.

        You may select, Closed Captioning (CC) within the video to enable various language subtitles. *

        Crestron Fusion Software Installation Overview

        Introduction to Crestron Fusion for an easy, intuitive deployment of the server and what parties need to be involved for success.

        Understanding the requirement and configuration of Crestron Fusion Software

        Following the best practice guide for Crestron Fusion software and how to install the software on the server.

        Configuring the Crestron Server software based on your design

        This video will cover the appropriate configuration steps needed for the installed Crestron Fusion Software.