CTI Online Course:

        Crestron Certified Audio Technician

        This course will cover proper setup and design of acoustic environments, basic audio terminology, electrical fundamentals (including microphone and speaker placement), digital signal processing, including acoustic echo cancellation (AEC).

        After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
            • Explain how sound travels, and how to take electric and acoustic measurements
            • Design a high-performance audio solution utilizing components, such as microphones, amplifiers, and digital signal processors
            • Incorporate best practices for signal routing and distribution
            • Use digital signal processing objects, such as system gain, gates, limiters, auto-mixers, and crossovers
            • Use a Real Time Analyzer (RTA) to optimize room acoustics.

        Lesson 1 - Audio Physical Fundamentals

        In this video you will learn what audio is and how to quantify it.  We will cover what sound waves are, the physical medium they can travel through and how that medium can affect the sound.  What methods are used to capture, manipulate and produce audio from equipment.

        Lesson 2 - Designing the Sound needed for a space

        In this video you will understand how audio device can be used to produce sound, manipulate sound and measure sound.  Sound fields will be discussed so that you can design and calculate the equipment you need to support a physical space.

        Lesson 3 - Sound Shaping for Acoustic Environments

        In this video we will discuss how to shape the sound in the acoustic environment.  Once signals are propagated into your sound system you must begin the process for configuring clean input levels because just like in business if we have garbage in we get garbage out.  This process is called sound shaping.