CTI Online Course:


        The Avia™ Technician video course provides an overview of the complete line of Avia Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and the full range of best-in-class features expected by audio professionals. Crestron Avia™ DSP and companion Crestron Avia™ AMP amplifies set the standard for quality commercial audio performance. The course includes a step-by-step walkthrough of the Avia Audio Tool, which is loaded with powerful built-in features, including channel strips with microphone and speaker profile presets, a real-time analyzer, and exceptional AEC processing. Also covered is I/O expansion using the Dante™ network, and easy, no-programming UI export to touch screens.

        After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:
            • Select an appropriate Avia™ DSP based on your system’s need by using a Guided Setup.
            • Apply the Avia™ audio tool to configure for an Avia™ DSP live or offline
            • Create and apply Avia™ custom channel strips, and presets.
            • Tune and set up a room’s Avia™ DSP system
            • Create and implement a user interface with UI Export
            • Configure advanced functions such as a DANTE audio network.

        Crestron Avia™ - Getting Started with Crestron Avia™ Tool

        In this video learn how to use Crestron Avia™ Software Tool to dramatically simplify audio programming, tuning, expansion, and integration. They support audio over IP using the Dante™ network and integrate natively with DigitalMedia™, touch screens, Crestron Fusion® Cloud, and unified collaboration technology as part of a comprehensive Crestron solution.

        Crestron Avia™ - Navigating the Tool

        In this video lean how to navigate the Crestron Avia™ Software Tool to control the display of all the various pages. Using he control bar to show controls and sub controls for the page selected. Channel Names can be added to inputs and outputs to give it a friendly name. Using the VU Meters to show current levels for inputs and outputs. Views will allow you to create a custom view of just the relevant mix of the system. Workspace zoom controls will allow you to zoom in and out on large system mixes quickly. Starting with a short discussion of Avia™ system architecture to understand Channel Strips. Channel Strips simplify DSP system design and implementation of large matrix systems quickly.

        Crestron Avia™ - Audio Flow

        Crestron Avia™ utilizes channel strips to manage inputs and outputs. Starting with Channel Numbers for the inputs we can add in audio and proceed to pass it to an output. Signal Path is shown using matrix cross points. Navigating each of these controls allows audio to pass or not pass accordingly. Channel strips can manipulate the audio that is massing through the matrix by adjust the audio at the input or the output. Navigation for controls can be used in many different methods.

        Crestron Avia™ - Channel Strips

        In this video learn how to manage the Channel Strips. Channel Strips are borrowed from Live audio mixing console concept. Channel Strips can be default or custom controls for each strip. Three types of Channel Strips can be created here in one of three types. Types are either Analog In, Aux Return, and Analog Out. Processing can be change and custom made for each type of device or behavior desired.

        Crestron Avia™ - Presets

        In this video learn how you can use Crestron Avia™ Presets. Presets can make relatively complex task quickly. Presets can control only specific items on the matrix while leaving others unaffected. Presets are useful for recalling a one or more DSP setting from a control system with a single command.

        Crestron Avia™ - Exporting User Interface Objects

        In this video the Crestron Avia™ DSP behaviors can be exported for user interface controls right on the Crestron Touch Panel or other Crestron user interface using Smart Graphics controls. Learn how to select the data points from the matrix to use on the user interface. Then learn how to export the controls to a file. This file can then be used to bring into VT Pro-e® software to be added on a page or sub-page. This feature allows for DSP controls to be displayed quickly and clearly on the user interface by the designer. Communication is direct, which allows analog gauges to show real time levels and controls of the DSP. The programming in SIMPL™ Windows® is very simple as well and once loaded the objects on the UI will become active. Modifying any of the UI elements is simple as well, here learn how to adjust later when client ask for them. Finally, there are some DSP controls that might be needed to be control directly from the control system programming. Symbol Export allows SIMPL™ to control specific controls directly.

        Crestron Avia™ - Advanced Features

        Crestron Avia™ Software Tool contains some powerful advanced built-in tools that can be used in specific systems. A Signal Generator can be used for balancing the room using several types of signals such as White Noise or Pink Noise. Signal generators can be used for specific EQ, delay, or Speaker settings. Note that there are several profiles already available for Crestron professional speakers. A Real Time analyzer is also available for working with setting up a large space using a reference microphone