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        Crestron ONE™ App

        The Crestron ONE™ app (CRESTRON-ONE) is a mobile app for Apple® iPhone® and iPad® devices that allows you to control all the functions of a Crestron® smart room directly from your mobile device.


        Crestron Mobile Device Room Control

        Connect, authenticate, and control from your personal mobile device.

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        Crestron ONE - Connect to a Room system in 3 easy steps.

        In this video learn how connect to a Crestron One Room Systems in 3 easy steps.  Once connected you can use the Crestron One App to control the system.

        Crestron ONE - Introduction

        In this video learn what Crestron ONE app can do to simplify connection to a Crestron system using a no-touch control. Crestron ONE can give a friendly interface without the need to change the program or the touch screen interface. Finally, this video will cover the basic system requirements.

        Crestron ONE - Setup system for Crestron ONE App

        In this video learn how to setup you existing system to work with Crestron ONE App. First step is to update firmware to the TSW touch screen. Next you can setup the Crestron control processor firmware as well. Next you can apply the Crestron License. Crestron App has a free 60 day license. Next setting up the Room Name for the system to identify itself to the Crestron ONE user application. Setting your Mobile Control can be done in 3 easy steps that are outlined in this video. Join Numbers will be needed from your system for the controls intended to be available to the Crestron ONE App. The two steps to obtain these joins is outlined here.

        Crestron ONE - Creating the Experience

        In this video learn how to create the Crestron ONE App system control file for the project document.   Using Microsoft® Excel™ application to edit the generated Crestron VT Pro-e® project file for this system. Walking through the steps, you can easily and quickly make control mapping and navigation features for the Crestron ONE App to control this system.   Last step is learn how to load this configuration file to the TSW panel in the system desired to control from the Crestron One App.

        Crestron ONE - Loading the Experience

        In this video learn about Crestron ONE App system default configuration file.  Here learn to customize the default files and adjust the experience desired.  Once customization is complete, learn how to the TSW panel in the system desired to control from the Crestron One App.