CTI Online Course:

        AirMedia 2.0 - Wireless Presentation Products

        The Crestron AirMedia 2.0 products are the fastest, easiest, most manageable, and secure wireless presentation technology. Included in this tutorial are lessons on unboxing, installing, configuring and troubleshooting Crestron AirMedia products.

        Unbox AirMedia 2.0

        This video will cover the unboxing of the products contained in the box.

        Installation AirMedia 2.0

        This video will cover the installation of the product.

        Configuration AirMedia 2.0

        This video will cover the configuration of the product.

        Troubleshooting AirMedia 2.0

        This video will cover the basic troubleshooting of the product.

        AirMedia® 2.0 for Every Space

        AirMedia 2.0 makes it’s easier than ever to deliver wireless presentation to any space. In addition to the AM-200 and AM-300 AirMedia Wireless Presentation Systems, AirMedia 2.0 capability is built into our most popular Crestron room solutions including our all-in-one DigitalMedia Presentation Systems and Crestron Mercury®.

        AirMedia® 2.0: Enterprise Management and Security

        AirMedia® 2.0 provides a secure, enterprise-grade wireless presentation solution that’s also easy to deploy and manage over the network.

        AirMedia® 2.0: Enterprise-Grade Wireless Presentation Solution

        This quick overview highlights the key capabilities and benefits AirMedia® 2.0 brings to any meeting space.