Road Trip
        Bringing our latest solutions to you

        Join us on the Crestron Next Road Trip, a series of small regional events across the United States. We’ll provide a safe and supportive environment in which you can get hands-on one-on-one demos of all our key technology platforms, demos from our guest technology partners, training, and answers from our experts.

        Crestron commercial dealer? We encourage you to invite your customers to experience the new hybrid digital workplace.

        Commercial / Education / Government

        • Crestron Flex video conferencing solutions
        • Intelligent video solutions, with 1 Beyond, Jabra® and Huddly® cameras
        • Intelligent audio solutions, with Shure® audio products
        • Room scheduling and hot desk booking
        • AirMedia® wireless presentation and conferencing
        • Crestron XiO Cloud® technology operations management platform
        • Crestron DigitalMedia™ Secure & Flexible Content Distribution
        • NEW! Crestron® Virtual Control (VC-4)


        • One-on-one product and solution demos, including our brand new Tunable LED Light Fixtures
        • A showcase of all the latest Crestron Home updates (and some yet to be launched!)
        • The chance to learn and experience just how easy Crestron Home is to configure and deploy
        • Our latest work-from-home solutions
        • Exciting demos of our Crestron Home Extensions showing just how you can have endless possibilities with third-party devices!

        We are on the road starting now hitting dozens of cities across the United States. Register early to secure your spot and to be kept up to date. We’ll provide detailed directions and information as we get closer to each scheduled event.

        CITY DATE  
        Boston, MA November 17 - 18, 2021 SOLD OUT
        Chicago, IL December 8 - 9, 2021 SOLD OUT
        Long Beach, CA January 12 - 13, 2022 SOLD OUT
        San Jose, CA January 19 -20, 2022 SOLD OUT
        Philadelphia, PA February 16 -17, 2022 SOLD OUT
        Minneapolis, MN March 2 - 3, 2022 SOLD OUT
        Birmingham, AL March 16 – 17, 2022 SOLD OUT
        Charlotte, NC March 30 – 31, 2022 SOLD OUT
        Washington, DC April 13 – 14, 2022 SOLD OUT
        Atlanta, GA July 13 – 14, 2022 SOLD OUT
        Dallas, TX August 24 – 25, 2022 Register Now
        Health & Safety Measures

        In order to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, Crestron has implemented the following health and safety measures, with which all attendees will be expected to comply, where applicable.

        • a.  All attendees, Crestron employees, and venue staff must follow the policies, protocols, and procedures established by federal, state, and local authorities, and venue management. Registration confirmations and Event reminders will include location specific requirements for the Event.
        • b.  All attendees, Crestron employees, and venue staff must follow the policies, protocols, and procedures established by federal, state, and local authorities, and venue management regarding face mask requirements. Registration confirmations and Event reminders will include location specific face mask requirements for the Event.
        • c.  All attendees, Crestron employees, and venue staff are required to follow all social distancing policies, protocols, and procedures implemented at the Event.
        • d.  All attendees, Crestron Employees, and venue staff are required to follow any enhanced sanitization procedures implemented at the Event and are encouraged to frequently wash hands and use hand sanitizer, which will be made readily available at the Event.


        View the complete event terms and conditions here.

        Wireless Conferencing with Crestron AirMedia® (30 minutes)

        Wireless conferencing is one of the fastest growing markets in the digital workplace. In this course you will learn about Crestron’s AirMedia wireless conferencing devices, use cases, and best practices for installations. The AirMedia platform delivers multiple functionalities that can be used standalone, or part of a larger system to deliver an enhanced solution that is perfect for retrofit installations or where additional wire pulls are not an option.

        NEW! Crestron® Virtual Control (VC-4) (45 minutes)

        Crestron® Virtual Control (VC-4) is the latest innovation in control systems. This course will examine the product details and best practices to be successful in deploying and leveraging a server platform for your control needs

        Crestron Flex (60 minutes)

        The prevalence of the digital workplace and hybrid work now requires us to bring video conferencing into every space. This course will discuss the system designs required for multiple types of spaces using Crestron Flex devices and how those devices can enhance the Teams and Zoom experience to create a more unified experience across your organization.

        Creating Equitable Meeting Spaces featuring 1 Beyond Intelligent Video Products (60 minutes)

        Creating a truly equitable meeting is about more than just the camera or the conferencing platform. It’s about bringing all the room’s technologies together to ensure that every person in the meeting, whether remote, or in person, has an equal seat at the table. In this session, you will learn about the 1 Beyond Intelligent Video products and solutions required to create an equitable meeting space that promotes engagement and productivity and the system design that is required to make each experience a reality.

        Future Technology Preview for Commercial Spaces (90 minutes)

        Learn about leading edge workplace technology solutions available now and on the horizon, including a firmware feature roadmap for existing Crestron hardware and a preview of new hardware coming soon.

        A Value-Add Model for Connected Lighting (60 minutes)

        This course outlines the power and simplicity of Crestron Zūm lighting controls, and the unique value-add model only realized when installing Zūm as the foundation for everything Crestron. This course will demonstrate the Power of Ethernet when applied to every space in the building, and how much time is saved along the way for everyone involved. Building owners & managers, engineers, designers, low voltage contractors, consultants, and integrators alike now have a common platform and common language allowing the consolidation of vendors with confidence. We’ll provide a basic overview of Crestron’s Commercial Lighting Control offerings and how Zūm’s Ethernet & wireless controllers all roll up to a new, simpler, time-saving “point & click” scheduling platform with no licensing fees.

        A Closer Look at Today’s Courtroom Technology (60 minutes)

        Learn how Crestron and its extensive ecosystem of technology partners address the needs of today’s courtroom environment. Ask questions directly to the technical experts and share your thoughts on issues that keep you up at night.

        Crestron Home: Selling, Design and Resources (60 minutes)

        Learn what makes the Crestron Home™ platform such an easy solution to sell and install, how it drives revenues, and how it optimizes and maximize your business. We’ll highlight the “Works with Crestron Home” document and go through primary products you’d spec for a Crestron deployment, including lights, shades, audio, video, climate, door stations, and more. If you want to become a Crestron dealer, learn some tips and tricks on how to sell more Crestron Home, understand the basics of design and where all the resources for your business can be found, this is the class for you.

        Crestron Home: Basics of Configuration and Advanced Features (60 minutes)

        Everything you need to know to make every one of your Crestron Home projects a success, including training on the Crestron Home Configurator tools, Crestron Home app as well as taking your Crestron Home systems to the next level. Learn how to implement advanced features and customization utilizing custom drivers/extensions and connect multiple homes and systems with Crestron Home.

        Crestron Tunable Lighting Solutions Intro (60 minutes)

        A brand new training session aimed at introducing you to Crestron’s brand new Light Fixtures, Light Fixture Partner Program and the experience for both you and your client’s will get within the Crestron Home Operating System. Lighting affects everything. Well-being. Mood. Concentration. Creativity. With native integration of our Crestron LED light fixtures and select third-party fixtures, the Crestron Home™ platform and operating system puts the power to control it in your hand, any project, any room, any application. This session will educate you on our new fixtures, and how via seamless integration with Crestron Home, tuneable LED lighting can be simple for you every step of the way.

        Crestron Audio Distribution on the Network (60 minutes)

        Introducing DM NAX™, the new Crestron Audio over IP (AoIP) solution, which enables you to put multi-room audio distribution on the network. Learn how quick and easy it is to design and deploy audio systems across the home and use multiple streaming services.

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