The information and expert advisors you need to make every home a Crestron Home.

        The information and expert advisors you need to make every home a Crestron Home.

        How to succeed with Crestron

        Here is everything you need to make your first and every one of your Crestron Home projects a success. We’re always developing tools, training, and support services designed to help you offer your clients the best solutions. It’s our way of investing in your success.

        Upgrading from OS 2 to OS 3 - watch these training videos to learn how:

        Step One
        Watch and learn

        Our library of over 40 videos covers everything from the basics to more technical information. Choose what you need to get started or refresh your Crestron Home skills. Here’s a sample of the most viewed:

        Step Two
        Train online

        For a deeper dive into Crestron Home here is where you’ll find a rich selection of online courses from the basics through to video distribution. These courses are built to get you up to speed or quickly hone your skill set. Available only to Crestron dealers with log in access.

        Step Three
        Stay up to date on the latest Crestron Drivers

        Flawless video is a vital part of any Crestron Home solution. Support from TVs to DVRs is key to a quick and successful set up. Be sure to check the latest list of Drivers. If you don’t find what you need, contact the Crestron Home Support team If we don’t have it, we’ll help you find the best way to create it.

        Step Four
        Get your design questions answered quickly

        If you have any system design questions or just want learn more at the initial stages of your project email our Crestron Home Subject Matter Experts. They will make sure all of your questions are answered quickly and thoroughly.

        Step Five
        Get tech support whenever you need it

        Our Crestron Home Tech Sales Specialists are always available for support, they will guide, and advise you on everything from information on System layout to compatibility and pricing, ensuring that you deliver the best solution and the best experience in the best possible timeframe.

        Step Six
        Stay up to date on the latest tech tips, and product highlights

        Find the shortcuts, learn the latest updates, have your questions answered. When you visit the online help article: Crestron Home – Tech Tips - Answer ID 257 be sure to click “Notify Me” at the bottom of the FAQ to receive updates anytime this Answer ID is updated.

        • Tip & Tricks for successful, speedy, and pain-free deployment of streaming devices
        • What are best practices to get CEC to work with Home?
        • What do I need to do with my network to ensure that IP controlled displays, AVRs, and media players work well with Home, even across power failures and device reboots?
        • The Amazon Fire® device doesn’t have an IR sensor and no IP driver. How do I control it?
        Step Seven
        Get your clients comfortable with their new Crestron Home

        Share these videos with your clients to help them learn all the features of their new smart home. Help them get the most out of the solution you’ve created for them. And remember, no sales tool is more effective than a referral from a satisfied client.


        Download and share this simple and elegant page-by-page overview of the Crestron Home App user experience.