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        Crestron Fusion

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        Last Modified: 8/15/2023 1:18:45 PM Release Notes

        Change Log:

        This release includes proxy support for outbound requests from Fusion to a scheduling cloud service.

        Changes since Last Version
        New Features
        • Proxy support – Fusion can be configured to direct all outbound scheduling requests from the groupware service to go through a proxy server.
        • This is for on-premises versions of Fusion only.
        • Configure the Proxy settings in the Configuration client, Configuration tab, Scheduling:

        Security fixes:
        • Several security related fixes have been implemented.

        Bug fixes:
        • Fixed an issue where R25 calendars don’t appear on panel after UTC midnight.
        • Fixed an issue where recurring meetings in rooms using the internal Fusion calendar are duplicated on the Scheduling tab.
        • Fixed an issue where the log size rules are being ignored for the Schedule Service log file, leading to the drive space being consumed.
        • Fixed an issue with the tree search feature where results are missed for groups or rooms that are level 2 or more down in the hierarchy.
        • Fixed an issue where users are unable to drag the selection box when creating a new meeting, leaving only 30 minutes selected.
        • Fixed an issue where the RoomView Monitoring "Page Load Error" appears for non-admin users when Windows Authentication is set.