Crestron Fusion

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        Last Modified: 11/23/2021 1:49:05 PM Release Notes

        Change Log:
        New Features 
        • Identity Provider Support using SAML integration - allow SSO user access to Crestron Fusion
          • Tested with Okta and Azure AD
          • Compatible with other identity providers that support the SAML protocol
        • New Reference Guide: SAML Sign-On for Crestron Fusion Software 
        • There is no logout button for SAML installations. Close the browser to close the session and remove the session cookie.
        • Support for new HTML5 Web XPanel Authentication
          • HTML5 Web XPanels require compatible firmware versions for 3-series, 4- series, and VC-4. Check the corresponding product pages for specific supported versions
          • HTML5 Web XPanels run in the eControl iFrame within the Fusion Monitoring web client
          • HTML5 Web XPanels connect seamlessly to the processor using tokenbased authentication
          • HTML5 Web XPanels will work in previous versions of Crestron Fusion but will require users to enter username and password multiple times to establish the control processor connection
          • The Mobility license is not required when launching HTML5 Web XPanels from Crestron Fusion
          • Check the HTML5 Web XPanel release notes and product pages for additional details regarding the usage and deployment of HTML5 Web XPanel
        Known Issues 
        • The Crestron Fusion installer is misreporting the Fusion version as Version 10.
        • When upgrading a Fusion instance that includes rooms with internal RoomView calendar meetings, duplicate meetings intermittently may appear on the calendar for recurring instance meetings. This is only a visual artifact in the Fusion web client and does not affect the meeting data for reports or for Crestron Scheduling panels.
        • Only one symbol is being discovered when there are programs in multiple slots on a control system. Contact for a patched version if needed. This is addressed in version 11.2.7
        Improvements and Fixes 
        • Security:
          • SQL Injection – closed 3 vulnerabilities
          • Cross-Site Scripting - closed 5 cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
          • Closed a vulnerability regarding open redirect attacks