Crestron Fusion

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        Last Modified: 8/25/2021 3:48:10 PM Release Notes

        Change Log:

        New Features
        • The Micros connection now supports TLS 1.2 encryption.  
        • The Azure AD federated service login has been improved to support logins from users with more than 500 groups.
        • Implemented a feature to synchronize check-in events across multiple scheduling panels in a room.  When a check-in is performed on one panel, the other panels in the room are made aware of the event and therefore mark the meeting as attended.
        Conditional Release
        The GCC-High endpoint for Microsoft O365 calendars is not tested.  Do not use this build for GCC-High applications.  GCC-High will be officially supported in a future release.

        Known Issues
        • The Google meeting warning email received by the meeting organizer displays the incorrect meeting start, end time, and duration.
        • In some cases, a forms authenticated user will see a page load error on the first login.
          • A second login attempt will work after first receiving the error.
        • Some help links are broken in the Fusion EM client. 
          • Users can always reach the help files directly using the main menu shade or at
        • For a room with a processor (symbol) and a scheduling panel, if the panel is deleted, the attributes will disappear from the monitoring web client.
          • Remove the panel from the room before deleting it from Fusion.
        • When using connection sets with Micros, actions will not fire including check-in and check-out actions.
          • Setting up rooms directly not using connection sets works as expected.  

        Improvements and Fixes 
        • Added some missing Txx-x70 drivers
        • Fixed an issue that was causing some reports to throw an error regarding an invalid object
        • Fixed an issue where the Device Usage by Meeting report threw an out-of-bounds error when filtered for non-business hours
        • Corrected several report formatting issues
        • Corrected an MS Graph issue where the recurrence for every weekday was not working
        • Corrected an MS Graph issue where the recurring series was not getting removed for no show
        • Fixed several Accessibility formatting issues in both Setup and Monitoring
        • Corrected an issue where Exchange 2019 and Exchange 2016 fail to verify (but still connect and retrieve schedules)
        • Fixed an issue where a scheduling panel in a room using R25 would decline Ad-Hoc meetings
        • Fixed an issue where the search field on the Attributes Tab provides the wrong results
        • Fixed a vulnerability to Stored Cross-Site Scripting in the Help Request and Instant Message areas of the Monitoring web client
        • Fixed a vulnerability that allowed privilege escalation in the Help request tab
        • Corrected an issue where the Fusion server set the X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN response header twice