Crestron Fusion

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        Last Modified: 9/29/2020 12:00:00 PM Release Notes

        Version 11.2.0002.0130 introduces the accessibility support for Crestron Fusion web clients. Specifically, this release has an update to the Monitoring web client, using standards described by W3C, the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

        Web accessibility means that websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them.

        Change Log:

        Accessibility applied to Fusion Monitoring

        Accessibility changes include:
        • Focus Indicator is darker and more visible. This indicator can be disabled in the user’s profile settings.
        • Interactive elements on the page have clearly defined names and states that can be announced by a screen reader.
        • All actionable items in the interface are reachable using keyboard navigation, including tab key, arrow keys, space bar, enter key, etc.

        Accessibility support in this release is applicable only for the following tabs and sections in the Monitoring web client:
        • My RoomView tab
        • Assets tab
        • Rooms tab
        • Schedule tab
        • User Profile
        • Room booking wizard
        • Tree View
        • Navigation shade
        • Apply Action drop-down

        Support for the Crestron Connected Version 2

        Fusion 11.2.0001 added support for the new Crestron Connected Version 2 SDK available to third party manufacturers. Version 11.2.0002.0130 adds a new AVR driver. CCV2 devices can initiate connections to Fusion and are compatible with Crestron’s Fusion in the Cloud service.

        Report Readiness Tool

        Version 11.2.0002.0130 adds the Report Readiness Tool, part of the Fusion Dashboard distribution, to the Configuration Manager Tools, making it readily available from the Configuration Manager.

        Enhanced Search

        A search filter is now available for Rooms and Folders in the navigation trees in the Fusion monitoring, setup, and EM web clients
        • The search filter text box and controls are added above the trees.
        • The search filter modifies the tree display to only show rooms and nodes that contain the filter value.
        • The filter value will be highlighted in the rooms' and nodes' titles.
        • The filter is removed from the tree when cancelled by the user and the tree is restored to its unfiltered state

        Global Filter Enhancement

        Filters on Assets and Rooms tabs can be defined as “global” so all Fusion users with access to those tabs can see them.
        • When adding a filter, there is an option to save as a global filter.
        • Only a Fusion Administrator can add, delete, or update a global filter, but all users will see the filter.
        • There is a visible indicator in the drop-down filter list to distinguish global from user filters.