Crestron Fusion

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        Last Modified: 1/28/2020 1:00:00 PM Release Notes

        Change Log:

        New Features
        • Microsoft Windows Sever 2019 - Crestron Fusion is compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2019.
        • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 - Crestron Fusion is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard and Enterprise Editions.
        • Crestron Fusion supports installation and operation with Microsoft SQL Server Express 2017 and 2019 for non-production environments only. At installation time, the user must specify that SQL Express is being used and the notifications will appear throughout the installation process and the Fusion web clients.
        • Support for the Crestron Connected Version 2
          • Fusion 11.2.0001 includes support for the new Crestron Connected Version 2 SDK available to third party manufacturers. Two drivers have been added, one for CCV2 Projectors, and one for CCV2 Displays. The big change here is that CCV2 devices can initiate connections to Fusion. They are compatible with Crestron’s Fusion in the Cloud service.

        Improvements and Fixes
        • CollegeNet Update
          • Added support for the latest CollegeNet updates to 25Live/R25
        • Security
          • Fixed issues where the Crestron Fusion application is vulnerable to Cross-Site-Request Forgery attacks.
        • Fusion API
          • Fixed and issue where action meetings could not be created using the Fusion API
        • My RoomView Monitoring Tab
          • Rooms assigned to the "Group that will not be loaded" will now appear in the "Offline and Partially Online" Rooms list in the My Room view Tab.

        Known Issues
        • Sometimes scheduling panels do not show calendar information when using the O365 provider. This may also be accompanied by failures when attempting Reserve Now.
        • Room Booking Wizard – choosing “all regions” causes a timeout and slow response from the web client. Workaround – adjust the scope of the search.
        • For patch updates to the Crestron Fusion Software, please visit the following online help article and subscribe: