Coming soon to the CP4-R: Crestron Home, powered by OS 3 – The evolution continues


        Crestron Home, powered by OS 3, delivers a stunning new high-performance user interface for mobile devices and Crestron TSW touch screens.

        In tandem with best-in-class Crestron hardware, OS 3 (formerly Crestron Pyng® OS 2) unleashes the full potential of the Crestron Home operating system. It gives you the ability to deliver a simple, clean, sophisticated user interface that includes: spectacular page designs; exceptional dynamic room controls and icons; and new features including support for multiple homes, favorites, custom access, room image customizations and more.

        OS 3 enables you to set up and deploy complete smart homes on any scale in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, with no programming needed, and now with the best user interface.

        New and updated brochures show the beautiful OS 3 experience!
        Guide to Keypads,
        Touch Screens, and Remotes
        Crestron Home

        NEW! CP4-R: Revolutionary 4-Series control system

        NOW SHIPPING: Order your CP4-R NOW and make sure your clients are OS 3-ready!

        The new CP4-R is the fastest and most powerful control system we’ve ever built. Our first 4-Series product, it provides the ultimate “central brain” to the Crestron Home operating system with incredible performance enhancements.

        • Multicore CPU – at least 4X the speed of the CP3-R
        • Double the RAM of the CP3-R – supports larger systems
        • Runs Crestron Pyng® OS 2 today!
        • Built to support Crestron Home OS 3 (coming soon – visit
        Now Shipping
        4-Series Control Processor for Crestron Pyng® OS 2

        Tests performed with both systems running their maximum system size (which is far larger and faster with the CP4-R).

        Upgrades available!

        The Crestron Pyng Hub to CP4-R upgrade is still available. For other upgrade programs, speak to your RSM.

        Media Scenes for Crestron Pyng OS 2 are here

        With the addition of Media Scenes, the latest Crestron Pyng OS 2 software update gives you powerful new functionality. Now, you can route any source to any room(s), and turn off media in one or more rooms.

        So what does it mean for your customers?

        • You can configure buttons to:
          • Turn everything off in the home, including AV
          • Turn everything off in any room
          • Route Sonos® or any other source to specific rooms
        • Any place you can recall lighting scenes you can recall media scenes, too, including:
          • Scheduled events
          • Quick Actions
          • Button presses
          • Remote triggers

        CP3-R and CP4-R compatible

        The software update is available for systems running Crestron Pyng OS 2 on the CP3-R and the brand new CP4-R. And, as always with Crestron Pyng, configuration is easy.

        Go to the Online Help article for complete details.

        Download the software update here

        NEW DM NVX. Any network, any ask. DM NVX says yes.


        All-new Pixel Perfect Processing technology makes DM NVX™ the only AV solution that delivers a perfect image every time. Now the finest detail can be revealed in the densest image. Technology so advanced, you won’t be able to tell the difference between DM NVX and direct source.

        Multi-layered technology ensures that DM NVX works with whatever you have. With DM NVX all of your information (not just some of it), is routed through a single unit. Providing you greater flexibility, lower costs, and time to spare.

        Now Available
        Encoder/Decoder, UPoE, Dante audio network and AES67
        Now Available
        Encoder/Decoder, UPoE and 2-channel downmixing
        Now Available
        Encoder/Decoder, UPoE
        Now Available
        Encoder, PoE+
        Now Available
        Decoder, PoE+

        NEW! Route AV sources through voice commands in and Crestron continue to expand the impact of artificial intelligence in the home. With the new AV Room feature for Crestron control systems, customers can route AV sources through natural voice commands, all without requiring you to pre-program scenes or macros. is releasing a Crestron AV Room Module, available as an update to the SIMPL Crestron Module. Once connected to the network and an AV Room is programmed, will automatically populate the AV sources accessible in each room of the home. This hardware agnostic approach allows to seamlessly support any system design, no matter the complexity.

        As long as Crestron is the routing backbone, will be able to communicate from endpoint to endpoint. The interface was designed with dealer feedback and guidance to ensure you can set up complicated distributed AV workflows accurately and efficiently – without having to reprogram the control system.

        For example, a homeowner can walk into their theater and say, “OK Josh, watch season 3 episode 2 of Mad Men.” understands the request is coming from the theater, utilizes a knowledge graph to determine Mad Men is on the Netflix® service, determines which AV source can provide that content, informs Crestron what must be done, and then, like magic, Mad Men starts playing!

        Download the Crestron module here

        Get more information on