TV Pre-sets cloud service update


        The Crestron cloud-based TV channel service now combines regional and local stations into one master list for satellite providers, DIRECTV and Dish. As a result, your clients using satellite TV now have access to all channels in one place. Not only does this service provide one-touch recall of favorite TV stations, but it also provides detailed guide information for local and regional stations.

        To take advantage of this feature simply add your satellite provider like you have in the past; the local and regional channels will merge automatically behind the scenes. Since these changes reside in our cloud service, there are no updates required to either Crestron Home™ software or custom 3-Series® or 4-Series™ processor code

        Crestron Home August updates


        If it seems that we keep announcing new features every month, you’re right. Having trouble keeping up with our Crestron Home™ software engineering team? Attend or watch our Wednesday Webinars or check our OS Updates on the Crestron Home web page. And, yes, keep checking because there’s another release scheduled for September. The best smart home technology just keeps getting better.

        Multiple displays per room

        This exciting update opens up even more projects to Crestron Home. Now, you can watch multiple TVs in a single room, such as a home sports bar application. Easily see what is playing on each TV throughout your home, which source is playing audio, and listen to any audio source you wish with the tap of a single button.

        The “multiple displays per room” feature handles the two most common scenarios:

        • TVs for daily use and projectors for movie nights
        • “Sports Bar” style display with multiple projectors or TVs
        Sequences get even better

        We just brought you Sequences and we are already making them even more powerful. Extend Crestron Home even further by adding enhanced Sequences of device commands and delays to customize more than ever before.

        Horizon™ keypads
        Set a keypad backlight color based on an event in the system.

        Relay devices
        For example, as part of a sequence, you can lower a projector lift.

        Schedule events
        For example, build your own “Holiday Mode” to trigger from a button press to turn on the schedule to run the holiday lights.

        Multiple displays
        For example, route a specific cable box to a specific TV.

        Quick Actions
        Build up sequences from other building blocks so you don’t have to duplicate work.

        Dark Mode on TSW touch screens
        Dark Mode is now available on TSW touch screens. The Dark Mode feature is great for various rooms, including bedrooms and media rooms. The high-contrast UI looks great even in well-lit rooms, and changing modes is easy.

        Powerful Crestron Home features now available on your remote


        Movie theaters are closed. Crestron Home provides the next best thing, with an immersive cinematic experience in the comfort and safety of the home. The award-winning TSR-310 touch screen remote is better than ever and now supports the latest Crestron Home features:

        • Built-in sleep timer turns off room AV
        • Display and reorder whole-house and room “Quick Actions”
        • Support for display commands (see above for details)
        • Ability to hide specific thermostats

        Crestron Home Configurator adds powerful new features


        The Crestron Home Configurator on the myCrestron portal continues to evolve. It’s now easier than ever to configure Crestron Home lighting systems, even before installing any equipment.

        Lighting scenes
        Now, you have even more flexibility to pre-configure lighting control systems before going onsite for installation:

        • Create and configure lighting scenes
        • Name lighting scenes and add loads to scenes on a UI designed for large systems
        • Set lighting intensity of the loads and fade time per scene to fully customize the lighting scenes
        • Use filters and search options for faster navigation and editing
        • Lighting Scenes Report - default and custom scenes are now listed in an easy to comprehend report

        Web Manual
        Have you ever been stuck on something or unable to figure out what to do next? The Crestron Web Manual is a context sensitive document that can guide you if you need some help along the way. Videos and images will be added to make directions even clearer

        Panel Wiring Report

        The eagerly anticipated Panel Wiring Report is available directly within the Crestron Home Configurator. The report includes a detailed centralized module view of the wire connections for easy hand-off to contractors, which will help ensure a successful installation. Each terminal block is printed on a single page for quick reference while onsite. Additionally, the report is color-coded for easy wire identification.

        New systems are as easy as “copy and paste”
        Wish you could use the configuration you already created for a previous project as a template for a new job? With the new “Make a copy” feature, you can easily create a copy of one configuration and use it as the template for other projects.

        User Fixture Library
        Now, you can create and manage fixture types per configuration for easier data entry.

        • Set minimum and maximum limits and dimming capability for fixture type and apply them as a part of the deployment to Crestron Home

        Crestron Horizon models now feature automatic backlight dimming 


        Our popular line of highly configurable Horizon keypads/dimmers/switches with designer aesthetics just got a free upgrade. This new firmware update automatically dims the backlight and feedback indicators across the full range of ambient light in the room. This means engraved buttons will always be at the perfect brightness any time of day, maximizing readability and minimizing obtrusiveness.

        In addition, this update supports keeping the backlight on all the time and having the engraved buttons still look great under any room condition.

        Cameo 120VAC dimmers/switches price reduction 


        Great news! We’ve lowered the price of our 120VAC Cameo® dimmers and switches, making Crestron wireless solutions more attractive than ever. In many cases pricing for the Professional (-P) products are reduced to Express (-E) prices. As a result, the Express line will be discontinued.

        With lower prices, a simplified product line, and a new universal dimmer, the beautiful and versatile line of Cameo dimmers and switches has never been more appealing.

        15 new Hartmann&Forbes® shade fabrics added


        Hartmann & Forbes is renowned as the premier hand-woven artisanal shade fabric. We are adding 15 select fabrics that epitomize the latest trends in the industry to the popular collection we currently offer.

        CSF-LE1006 Cambric
        CSF-LE1015 Cambresine
        CSF-LE1087 Elements - Georgette
        CSF-LE1218 Cremello
        CSF-LE1239 Dapple
        CSF-LE1242 Arabian
        CSF-LE3039 Essence - Fog
        CSF-LE3312 Aura - Charisma
        CSF-LE3387 Aura - Chakra
        CSF-PE602-60 Diverse - Grey
        CSF-PE605-36 Tranquility - Passive Grey
        CSF-PE605-60 Tranquility - Cool Grey
        CSF-LE3303 Aura - Spirit
        CSF-LE3309 Aura - Mystique
        CSF-LE3315 Aura - Karma

        Crestron Home September updates


        Lutron® keypad button emulation

        Whatever a Lutron keypad button can be configured to do, a Crestron button can emulate it. LED feedback shown on the Lutron buttons will be reflected on the Crestron buttons. You can now press any button on a Lutron keypad, not just a lighting or shade scene. Phantom keypads now expose Lutron features to Crestron, even when there isn’t a real keypad.

        • All Lutron button models – For example, Press/Hold/Double-Tap/Release/Cycle-Dim Lutron and more
        • Advanced – Hooks into Lutron variables, scheduler, vacation scheduler, HVAC, relays, and even Ketra™ color lighting. Anything that you can tie to a Lutron button.

        Crestron Home Extensions

        Crestron is known for reliable and custom systems. Crestron Home is now giving you even more customization options. Think of it as a way of extending the Crestron Home experience. Crestron Home Extensions is designed to control virtually any device type not yet native to the platform, such as smart appliances, irrigation systems, power controllers, weather stations, and more.

        Crestron now supports the Home Connect™ control platform for BSH smart appliance brands such as Neff and Bosch. Now you can view the status and control coffee makers and, eventually, all your smart appliances.

        Crestron Home pulls in the unique controls for each device type. Use standard tools to configure and customize the Crestron Home UI.

        Tile-based – Consistent UX model. Driver UI can inject itself as tile in the room and/or the house-level

        Live tiles – State can be updated live on tiles to show icons that represent the state.

        Status – Status can include changing text, changing the icon, and display “busy” animation

        Toggle – Define a tile to toggle. With one press, the user can toggle the device or feature on/off

        UI components – Extensive library of components that you can use to build your Crestron Home Extensions

        • Various button styles
        • Various sliders types
        • Temperature widgets
        • Text feedback and text entry
        • Lists, message boxes, and more
        • For developers: (Preview Release)

        For developers: (Preview Release)

        Modern development tools – Crestron Home 4-Series control systems enable you to use Microsoft Visual Studio® 2019 dev tools and services to develop Crestron Home Extensions.

        Modern SDK – A modern object model to expose device properties to Crestron Home. Use simple XML to define the UI.

        Write once, run anywhere – Extension UI language is used to create your custom experience once, then Crestron Home runs your design on TSWs, and iOS® and Android™ operating system devices.

        New drivers provide even tighter security system integration

        Now, you can add support for a new security system without updating the Crestron Home operating system. Drivers are now deployed from the cloud, or you can side-load your own drivers.

        Not only did we develop a new driver type, but we also improved the end user experience. Crestron Home now plays tones to draw attention and flip to disarm on TSW touch screens.

        For supported security systems, use the security features already built into your phone, such as Touch ID or Face ID, to allow the app to enter the PIN code of your security system behind the scenes.

        Crestron Home Configurator continues to add exciting features


        The Crestron Home Configurator continues to evolve each month. Soon, it will be even easier to configure Crestron Home lighting systems before installing any equipment.

        Keypad actions and report
        To save you time onsite, we have made it possible to assign lighting related actions to the keypads during pre-configuration. Elevate your Crestron Home design with these intuitive action configurations. You can verify your action configuration via this easy-to-see report.