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        Horizon Wireless Keypads are now certified for 60VDC operation


        Crestron Horizon™ Wireless Keypads (HZ-KPEX) are the perfect solution for either 120VAC line voltage installations or low voltage 60VDC installations. The 60VDC rating makes the Horizon Wireless Keypad a great retrofit option for projects with existing low-voltage wiring, when pulling Cresnet® cabling is not practical.

        Now Available
        Horizon™ In-Wall Keypad with infiNET EX® Wireless Communication, 120 VAC, (Available in white, black, and almond)

        Audio-over-IP support added to DM NVX® product


        Send audio anywhere over the network using AES67, now available with DM NVX. AES67 is an Audio-over-IP standard that is also interoperable with Dante® audio networking. Not only does this enable seamless integration of audio from DM NVX products with Crestron Avia® DSPs and amplifiers, it also ensures interoperability with thousands of third-party products including mixers, amplifiers, microphones, and DSPs.

        Cameo® Universal Wireless Dimmers – Smart, beautiful, and lower cost


        The Universal Wireless Dimmers feature Cameo designer style and colors, reliable inifiNET EX® wireless mesh communication, and customized button layouts and engraving. CLW-DIMUEX dimmers auto-detect load types, including LED, incandescent, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, and choose the proper dimming method. These 600W/120VAC universal dimmers are feature-rich with advanced flicker reduction for LED loads, customizable dim curves, and robust protection against miswiring, short circuits, and MLV saturation. Integrated smart load technology and no minimum load requirement make the CLW-DIMUEX indispensable for low wattage dimmable LEDs. CLW-DIMUEX dimmers work natively with the Crestron Home app.

        Available July 31st
        Cameo® In-Wall Universal Phase Dimmer, 120 VAC

        Crestron Home Updates


        The best user experience on the market keeps getting better and better, and the July update is no exception.

        Exciting new Crestron Home features:

        Extend Crestron Home by adding your own sequence of device commands and delays to customize even further than ever before.

        Plans change, or sometimes you do get a curveball on-site. By using the new Sequence Editor inside of the Crestron Home Setup app, you can build macros to command devices, including adding delays, and you can test each step live as you make edits. Test the entire sequence with one button press to make sure the timing is perfect or test each individual step one at a time.

        Display commands
        Allow your users to trigger commands related to their TV or projector, including masking, lifts, screen controls, and more.

        For the ultimate theater, media room, or even a living room experience, give your customers quick access to control anything related to their TV viewing. From the Crestron Home Setup app decide which commands you want to expose to the end user related to the display, so they will have a tailored experience in the Crestron Home app.

        Multi-zone AVRs
        Crestron Home now supports AVRs that have multiple audio or multiple AV zones.

        Crestron Home Configurator adds powerful new feature


        The Crestron Home Configuration on the myCrestron Portal continues to evolve. It’s now easier than ever to configure Crestron Home lighting systems, even before installing any equipment.

        Lighting scenes 
        Now, you have even more flexibility to pre-configure lighting control systems before going onsite for installation:
        • Create and configure lighting scenes
        • Name lighting scenes and add loads to scenes on a UI designed for large systems
        • Set lighting intensity of the loads and fade time per scene to fully customize the lighting scenes
        • Use filters and search options for faster navigation and editing
        Panel Wiring Report 
        The eagerly anticipated Panel Wiring Report is available directly within the Crestron Home Configurator. The report includes a detailed centralized module view of the wire connections for easy hand-off to contractors, which will help ensure a successful installation. Each terminal block is printed on a single page for quick reference while onsite. Additionally, the report is color-coded for easy identification of wires.

        New systems are as easy as “copy and paste” 
        Wish you could use the configuration you already created for a previous project as a template for a new job? With the new “Make a copy” feature, you can easily create a copy of one configuration and use it as the template for other projects.

        User Fixture Library  
        Now, you can create and manage fixture types per configuration for easier data entry.
        • Set minimum and maximum limits and dimming capability for fixture type and apply them as a part of the deployment to Crestron Home