Horizon™ keypad 2/3/4 Gang Faceplates with Trims


        Horizon faceplates (HZ-FP-G Series) are an integral component of every Horizon keypad (HZ-KPCN Series) installation. They provide a finished appearance with customizable design elements. Available in 2, 3, and 4 gang sizes, so you can install up to four Horizon keypads side-by-side in a multi-gang electrical box. All buttons align perfectly to form one contiguous control surface. The faceplates come standard with color-matched top and bottom trim pieces in a choice of smooth or textured finish. (Both are included). The smooth trim provides a subtle contrast to the textured button faces and side panels for an elegant two-tone look, while the textured trim matches the buttons and side panels perfectly for a cohesive overall finish. The trim pieces can be easily swapped after installation, no tools required.

        Key features:

        • Bespoke designer aesthetics
        • Precision fit and finish
        • Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4-gang sizes
        • Available in white, almond, or black
        • Textured side panels and top/bottom trim pieces match the keypad button faces for a cohesive look
        • Smooth top and bottom trim pieces offer an elegant two-tone appearance
        • Custom trim can be fabricated to match any décor
        HZ-FP-G Series
        Now Available

        Horizon keypad paintable trims


        Crestron Horizon keypads feature a distinctive clean appearance that can be customised to blend in or stand out in any décor. For a more bespoke appearance, the trim pieces can be replaced with our brand-new custom paintable trims to either match the wall surface or complement other design elements in the room. The paintable trims are plastic textured to allow for a simple and stunning painted finish, and will be available in 2, 3 and 4-gang. (1-gang is currently available.)

        Horizon keypad paintable trims
        Now Available

        Horizon keystone faceplates


        Perfectly match Horizon keypads with our brand-new Horizon keystone faceplates. They’ll be available in 1, 2 and 4 position (Keystone jacks not included) in white, black, or almond.

        Horizon keystone faceplates
        Now Available

        Fingerprint door entry to your Crestron smart home: Crestron and ekey partnership


        Unlock your front door with the swipe of a finger? It’s been the stuff of science fiction. Thanks to our new partnership with ekey Biometric Systems, it’s not anymore.

        The future is now

        ekey Biometric Systems and Crestron took up the challenge of making home entry more secure and convenient. We’ve delivered on it by integrating Crestron smart home technology with ekey fingerprint devices. Now, entry is as simple as a finger swipe.

        Advantages of fingerprint door access

        • Impossible to lock yourself out, as your finger is always, literally, on hand!
        • No need to worry about lost or stolen keys
        • Maximum protection against forgery
        • Exponentially more secure than 4-digit codes
        • Impossible for access to be passed on (unlike with an access card or key)
        • Intelligent software detects growth of childrens’ fingers, minor injuries, and habit changes
        • Building control systems can detect who’s coming in 

        • Integration is easy

          ekey is easy to install and administer. It’s currently available for Crestron systems with:

          • 3-Series® control systems with RS485 COM port
          • SIMPL Windows

          The ekey Crestron module is available now in the Crestron Marketplace.

        Now Available

        Crestron Performance UI for the TSR-310


        The brand-new Crestron Performance UI is a revolutionary user interface exclusively launching on the TSR-310 Handheld Touch Screen Remote. It integrates natively with the new Crestron Pyng® OS 2 operating system, giving you the capabilities to deliver user experiences never seen before in a handheld remote control.

        Major new features and enhancements

        • Pre-built, so no UI design tools are necessary
        • Dramatically reduces deployment time
        • Integrated media, lighting, shades, and climate control, along with quick actions
        • Stunning user interface design, including all-new dynamic transitions and animations
        • Voice command interface built in to further simplify configuration
        • Supported in Crestron Pyng OS 2
        • Custom Smart Graphics® software projects still supported on TSR-310 when needed
        Crestron Performance UI
        Available December

        Crestron door stations via Crestron Pyng OS 2 or custom programming


        Our new partnership with 2N will enable you to deliver best in-class door entry systems via Crestron Pyng OS 2 or custom programming.

        The latest firmware update to the 2N door station range will make them Rava® SIP intercom and phone technology compliant. That means intuitive integration will be available with Crestron touch screens. If you’ve deployed touch screens with the Crestron Pyng OS 2 operating system, the latest firmware update will instantly recognize 2N door stations, allowing you to seamlessly deploy a 2N door entry solution without the need for complex programming.

        Want to use custom programming?

        You’ll also be able to use custom programming to set up the 2N intercom to call all Crestron TSW-x60 series touch screens. They’ll ring when the 2N doorbell is pressed. The latest 2N firmware means they can program their main button to call “rava:CRESTRON” and all Rava enabled Crestron touch screens with default settings on the same Subnet will start to ring. Video monitoring will be supported on up to 16 touch screens. In Crestron Pyng OS 2, there’ll be a native page available so no programming will be needed.

        Key features

        • Supports all 2N IP models
        • Available via TSW-x60 and 50 Series touch screens
        • Quick Actions to unlock doors, turn on porch lights, open gates, and more
        • Intercom-integrated access control
        • Access granted via Crestron touch screens
        • Video monitoring on up to 16 touch screens in the home
        • Two-way intercom call
        • Mute while on call option
        • Excellent intelligibility, even in noisy environments
        • Wide-angle color camera with CCTV link
        • Highest durability on the market
        • Access via mobile utilizing the 2N mobile application (no access via the Crestron app)
        Crestron Door Stations
        Available January 1st

        DM NVX™ network AV technology with Dante® audio networking


        The DM NVX™ network AV product line is expanding to bridge the digital audio and video worlds. The new DM-NVX-352(C) solutions eliminate the need for complex third-party analog audio devices that receive or transmit AES-67 or Dante audio. These devices connected to analog audio input/output ports on DigitalMedia™ devices.

        DM-NVX-352(C) solutions offer a one-stop solution for any-sized network AV installation, providing a compact AV-over-IP encoder/decoder that functions as either a transmitter or receiver. They feature: simple, secure web-based control and management; auto-switching HDMI® inputs and output; analog audio in or out; USB and KVM integration; video wall processing; native Dante or AES-67 transmit and receive capability; and support for copper and fiber LAN connectivity.

        DM-NVX-352(C) Solutions
        Available January 1st