New Horizon™ keypads: Because perfect control is different for everyone

        Stunningly beautiful Horizon keypads provide Crestron residential dealers, interior designers, and architects, with incredible flexibility in both control and design. Inviting to the touch and appealing to the eye, Horizon keypads deliver a premier user experience combined with bespoke design for homeowners.

        Key Features:

        • Designer aesthetics
        • Superior button feel
        • Highly configurable button styles
        • Multi-color backlighting for each button
        • Interchangeable custom top and bottom trim pieces
        • Cresnet® wired communications

        Availability as follows:

        • Single-gang configurations
        • White, Black and Almond finished
        • Supported in SIMPL, D3Pro, Engraver, and Crestron Studio®
        • Crestron Pyng® support available late summer

        Now Available
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        Voice Recognition for TSR-310

        Empower your clients with the ability to control their home environment with voice commands. Just press the button on the TSR-310 Handheld Touch Screen Remote and speak. Even better, it’s all delivered via the same voice programming experience you know today.

        Now Available

        Crestron Pyng® enhancements

        Latest update provides:
        • Support for new Horizontal Sheers
        • Significant speed improvements especially when recalling large lighting scenes.

        Software Update
        Now Available

        D3 Pro® enhancements

        Updates to our D3 Pro lighting and automation software include a number of exciting new features:

        • Support for Cresnet connected keypads
        • Added documentation for CLX-2DIMFLV8
        • Fixed bugs related to module and assignment wizard
        • Ability to specify defaults related to keypad/dimmer color

        Now Available
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        8 Channel Radiant Heat Thermostat

        The Crestron DIN-1TSTAT8 is an 8-zone, DIN-rail mounted thermostat. DIN rail mounting provides a means for easily mounting the thermostat remotely, thereby allowing small, low-profile temperature sensors to be installed locally in each zone and then home run back to the thermostat. 

        The DIN-1TSTAT8 is a heat only thermostat. It controls up to eight heat valve zones (zones 1-8) with output for one main valve. The zone valves must be rated for 240VAC 50/60 Hz, 1/2 HP maximum. The valves may be of type normally open, or normally closed. The DIN-1TSTAT8 includes 8 captive screw terminals to accommodate up to eight temperature sensors, one for each heat zone output. The CHVI-RTS-1G-SM-W and CHVI-RTS-1G-N-W, single non-polarized twisted pair wire temperature sensors are recommend for use with the DIN-1TSTAT8. The DIN-1TSTAT8 includes 2 Cresnet® ports for integration with 3-Series® control systems, and for easy daisy-chaining with other DIN-1TSTAT8 devices.

        Now Available

        Crestron Studio®: Engraver Replacement

        This exciting update within Crestron Studio brings into the application a brand-new engraving designer tool giving you the ability to handle engravings directly within Crestron studio, whether for single engravings or entire projects. This update will include all new products such as the HR-310 Handheld remote and Horizon Keypads as well as support for all existing devices.*

        New key features
        • Allows for additional fonts so text will be modern and consistent
        • Alignment options for customizing engravings
        • Built-in symbols to present a function better than words
        • Preview in the software
        • Zips up complete engravings order for entire system

        *Existing devices will be phased in over time.

        Software Update
        Available June 15th

        DM 4KZ - even more products coming soon

        Crestron DigitalMedia was the first to bring you 4K60 over HDBaseT®. Now DM is the first to bring you 4K60, 4:4:4, and HDR over HDBaseT. Use the same DM® switcher chassis and same DM cabling, only now we have new 4KZ input and output cards, transmitters and receivers. It’s the perfect upgrade solution!

        Now Available
        4KZ HDMI input card for DM switchers
        Now Available
        4KZ HDMI input card with downmixing for DM switchers
        Now Available
        4KZ HDMI output card for DM switchers
        Now Available
        4KZ DigitalMedia receiver and room controller
        Available July 1st
        4KZ DigitalMedia transmitter, HDMI®
        Available July 1st
        4KZ DigitalMedia transmitter, HDMI and VGA
        Available July 1st
        4KZ HDBaseT input card for DM switchers
        Available July 1st
        4KZ HDBaseT input card w/downmixing for DM switchers

        Crestron Pyng 2.0

        The upcoming release of Crestron Pyng 2.0 app will support integration of video control and all the benefits of DigitalMedia, in particular. The update represents a great leap forward, making it simple to configure and control the full Crestron smart home experience – control of lights, shades, audio, door locks, security systems, thermostats, and now video. Here’s what to expect at launch:

        1. 1. Handheld Remotes
        2. 2. Display and source control
        3. 3. Video routing via DM, NVX, AV Receiver or TV
        4. 4. TV presets
        5. 5. Third-party drivers from the cloud, or provide drivers from your own library*
        6. 6. Support for all Sonos® products including Speakers, Playbar, Connect:AMP and more.

        *Drivers must be created in compatible version of toolbox or developed using Crestron Certified Driver SDK 

        Crestron Pyng 2.0
        Available Summer 2018