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          Steps to upgrading to Crestron Home OS 3 from OS 2
          Adding a user interface device to Crestron Home OS 3
          Preparing a TSW-xx60 touch panel for Crestron Home OS 3

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        Apple integration with Crestron Home™ Software


        • IP control of Apple TV® media extenders and voice control through Siri® voice control via the TSR-310 in Crestron Home
        • IP control of Apple TV from any user interface, including the TSR-310, Crestron touch screens, and mobile devices

        Visit the partner page for all technical information, and to learn more about what this powerful partnership can do for you and your clients.

        Learn more

        BACnet integration for Crestron Home including special partnership with CoolAutomation


        Native BACnet thermostats will now be built right into the Crestron Home operating system (OS 3 only), providing complete HVAC control of advanced air conditioning systems. The integration will provide the ability to customize the BACnet objects in the Crestron Home app to match your particular installation and will provide the homeowner with the same OS 3 climate experience.

        This solution is also ideal for MDUs where there is a centralized BACnet controlled HVAC system. It allows mass-deployment of hundreds or thousands of MDU units by pushing out configuration data to the cloud instead of manually commissioning one by one, all done by using the MyCrestron deploy code concept to deploy multiple units from one configuration.

        Special partnership with CoolAutomation

        In the development of the BACnet integration, we’ve worked closely with CoolAutomation. Their ethos has always been that integration for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning shouldn’t be complicated or burdensome. Instead, the process should be simple, seamless, and intuitive, both for the user as well as the installer, and should provide significant benefits to both.

        Now Crestron and CoolAutomation have partnered to make that vision a reality, with simple-to-install hardware integration with the Crestron Home operating system. The solution is implemented through the CoolMasterNet HVAC home automation bridge and Crestron Home, providing a true plug-and-play solution that ensures seamless integration of HVAC units from major companies such as, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Samsung, Daikin, and Hitachi.

        CoolAutomation solutions are easy to install and, once connected, will be ready for simple integration into Crestron Home.
          Supported CoolAutomation products:

        • CoolMasterNet
        • CoolPlug + CooLinkHub
        • CooLinkBridge

        Native Sonos integration with Crestron Home

        NOW AVAILABLE (US only)
        The Sonos® Port is a versatile streaming component for your stereo or receiver.

        It’s a CI focused and updated version of the Sonos CONNECT™ device. Size is 1RU high, 1/3 rack wide (rack mount will be available through Middle Atlantic). The Port delivers the same great Sonos music services and supports Apple AirPlay® 2 software software for wireless streaming. It’s Crestron Certified for native integration into Crestron Home and SIMPL.

        Now Available

        Sonos One SL

        NOW AVAILABLE (US only)

        Available in black or white, this new entry model Sonos speaker is a no-microphone version of the Sonos One® speaker. The One SL delivers the same great Sonos music services and supports Apple AirPlay® 2 software for wireless streaming. It can be stereo paired with the Sonos One now. It’s Crestron Certified for native integration into Crestron Home and SIMPL.

        Now Available
        Now Available

        New Drivers for SMART TV and pool/spa control

        Support for Smart TV
        Available for SIMPL and Crestron Studio® software: Now
        Crestron Home: November 15th

        Drivers for LG® and Samsung® SMART TVs are available first, with support for Netflix®, Hulu®, Pandora®, etc. media services.

        Pool and spa controller
        Available for SIMPL and Crestron Studio: Now
        Crestron Home: Coming soon

        Drivers for Hayward® OmniLogic®, Jandy® AquaLink®, Pentair® IntelliTouch® controllers are now available for SIMPL and Crestron Studio.

        Crestron Home operating system updates


          The Crestron Home OS will continue to get better and better with a steady stream of updates going live monthly, if not more frequently. Here’s what’s coming:

        • Smart TV support
        • Garage door and gate feedback
        • Room Rename
        • CEN-IO-COM/RY/IR
        • DM-MD6X6 and DM-MD6X4
        • Universal Distribution Amplifier
        • DIN-2LEDPWM8
        • Horizon™ EX Keypadss

        Elegantly finished DIN enclosures for DIN-THSTATs


        These stylish new enclosures feature an attractive black finish, hinged covers, and windows for easy device access and display. Any low voltage DIN rail device can be installed in the openings. They’re shipped with 9W and 3W covers for unused positions. The 3x18 and 6x18 models have a fire enclosure for line voltage devices.

        Available in 3 versions:

        • 2x 18W DIN rails with 2x windows
        • Up to 4x DIN-THSTATs

        • DIN-EN-3X18-HC-2OPEN
        • 3x 18W DIN rails with 2x windows
        • 3rd rail fire enclosure for line voltage devices.
        • Up to 4x DIN-THSTATs, 1x DIN-PWS60, and 1x DIN rail HVAC transformer

        • DIN-EN-6X18-HC-5OPEN
        • 6x 18W DIN rails with 5x windows.
        • 6th rail fire enclosure for line voltage devices.
        • Up to 10x DIN-THSTATs, 1x DIN-PWS60, and 1x DIN rail HVAC transformer

        * DIN-THSTATs not included

        Wireless Horizon™ Keypads – beautiful custom control is now even easier to install


        Crestron Horizon Keypads are inviting to the touch, appealing to the eye, and now wireless for control. Our new wireless Horizon Keypads exactly match the original wired models, so both can be used within the same space to elegantly accentuate any lifestyle or décor. Dimmers and switches ship with a set of high-quality, laser-engraved, backlit buttons, or custom engraving may be ordered. Configurable Horizon wireless keypads can combine across up to a four multi-gang arrangement with 1, 2, 3, and 4 gang trim kits available. Horizon wireless keypads are also available in white. black, and almond finishes.

        Available December 1st
        600W universal dimmer
        Available December 1st
        750W forward phase dimmer
        Available December 1st
        10A 0-10V dimmer
        Available December 1st
        10A switch
        Available December 1st
        Wireless keypad
        Available December 1st
        Remote dimmer/switch