ZUM-FLOOR-HUB Update

        Feature updates include:

        BACnet IP Support
        Manage Zūm™ systems as part of the broader building management ecosystem. Use any third-party Building Management System to control and communicate with Zūm lighting systems via a connection through the Zūm Floor Hub. The BMS interface becomes the single point of control for the facility manager, handling event scheduling and automation logic for the entire building.

        Astronomic Clock
        The astronomic clock enables you to schedule lighting events based on sunrise and sunset. Whether it be in the early afternoons of winter or the late evenings of summer, your Zūm lighting system can trigger a lighting event exactly at sunset or with an offset, such as an hour after the sun goes down. Configuration follows the methodology of the Zūm system, so you can set independent events based on day patterns and room categories.

        Demand Response
        Zūm lighting control systems are now even more cost effective and energy efficient with the addition of demand response compliance. When operated in conjunction with a GLS-SIM, a Zūm lighting system receives the demand response signal and then triggers load shedding mode, enabling the facility to take advantage of demand response programs.

        ZUM-FLOOR-HUB Update
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