SpaceBuilder™ 3.0

        SpaceBuilder standardizes the process of designing, quoting, ordering, and building systems for commercial lighting applications. SpaceBuilder 3.0 is the latest advancement to this easy quoting and submittal solution, leveraging new technologies and systems while maintaining the simplicity and reliability you have come to expect from Crestron.

        Here are some of the features you can look forward to in SpaceBuilder 3.0:

        • Built-in time clock control for GLPAC, GLDALI, and GLDMX
        • New Crestron Zūm™ wireless lighting control system with factory pre-pairing option
        • Partition feature with GLPAC and GLDALI
        • sACN DMX on GLPAC and GLDALI
        • Support for the award-winning SolarSync™ correlated color temperature sensor
        • Connection to the Zūm Hub for wired and wireless system mixing
        SpaceBuilder™ 3.0
        Now Available

        Zum Partition Sensor (ZUMMESH-PART)


        The Zūm Partition Sensor passes messages between two rooms that have Zūm RF devices when a partition is open, allowing for the two rooms to be treated as one for the purpose of occupancy sensors and keypads. (Daylighting is still independent.)

        • Powered by 24V
        • Matches aesthetic of GLS-PART-CN
        Zum Partition Sensor
        Available November 1st