All Steinel Professional products now available through Crestron

        We’ve expanded our partnership with Steinel Professional, Germany, to offer you more sensors. Steinel sensors enhance and improve any Crestron system by adding unique and proven technologies:

        • PIR, DT and US options
        • Hallway and high bay solutions
        • NEW 0-10V wall box dimmer in PIR, DT, and US
        • PIR coverage up to 4000 sf with one single sensor utilizing more than 4,800 switching points

        Works with ALL Crestron lighting systems including Zūm™ wireless systems

        All Steinel Professional products
        Now Available

        DIN-SACN-DMX sACN to DMX Ethernet bridge

        Designed for customers who wish to use sACN in applications with DMX fixtures. DIN-SACN-DMX is a single universal bridge supplied by Enttec, AU. It is powered and communicates over Ethernet.

        • Available as part of new SpaceBuilder™ systems for GLPAC and GLDALI
        • Supports Artnet, sACN and ESP
        • Easy to setup & update through any web browser
        • Supports RDM over Art-Net (controller)
        • Supports Art-Net 3
        • HTP/LTP Merging support: up-to 2 DMX sources can be merged (if enabled)
        • 1 RJ45 connector (10/100 Mbps)
        • Static or Dynamic (DHCP) IP configuration (DHCP by default)
        • DIN-Rail compatible
        • Supports Broadcast or Unicast (Input mode)
        • Phoenix DIN Connectors
        • Supports 9v-24v DC (Power supply not included)
        Now Available

        ZUM-FLOOR-HUB Update

        Control Crestron Zūm devices and other Crestron lighting control systems together using the Zūm Floor Hub (ZUM-FLOOR-HUB).

        Mirrored room modules are utilized with external control systems such as SpaceBuilder, GLPAC, and GIPP to facilitate control of Zūm devices. The ZUM-FLOOR-HUB browser-based UI displays scene information, occupancy settings, and other signal feedback.

        ZUM-FLOOR-HUB Update
        Available July 1st
        Feature updates include external room control and room mirroring.