NEW! Crestron XiO Cloud® room pricing


        Based on customer feedback, we’ve changed how XiO Cloud is sold to better align with how users manage their systems. Our new room pricing model offers a variety of service options. Each of the service options was developed to target the needs of different users and ensure that they can deliver the best experience and premium service in every room. The monthly subscription fee per room will cover all devices in the room, with users choosing which services are needed for each. If you have an existing XiO Cloud account, there’s no need to switch to room pricing immediately. You can so do anytime, on your own schedule.

        • Endpoint Management – Required for each room
          • Provision devices in a room before installation, without going on site. Endpoint management will allow you to manage firmware, settings, and programs on all devices in a room, with complete log of all changes making it easy to set up and continue to manage any space.
        • Support
          • Provide white glove help desk functionality to support end users and keep spaces up and running, without running to them. Support includes remote control of touch screens (TSS, TSW, Crestron Flex) allowing for step by step assistance or testing remotely, alerts for device status changes, and device technical dashboards.
        • Workplace Analytics
          • Understand how spaces are being used, and by how many people. Workplace analytics will provide enhanced dashboards allowing you to best understand how rooms and systems are being used. These include system usage versus occupancy, and new people counting and room capacity functionality to understand how many people are actually using rooms versus their current capacity. This service will be a Beta version at launch.
        • API Access
          • Easily integrate XiO Cloud with your preferred Business Intelligence platform or other management tools to gain more powerful actionable insights. Using a Standard REST API, XiO Cloud can work with a full range of other business tools to ensure that your systems are utilized in an optimal fashion.
        Service Key features Price per room per month
        Endpoint Management
        • Provisioning
        • Settings
        • Firmware updates
        • File loading
        • Help desk
        • Device status (Online/Offline)
        • Alerts
        • Remote control
        • Incident dashboards
        Workplace Analytics
        • Space usage and frequency
        • People counting vs. room capacity
        Beta version provided at launch
        API Access
        • Access to APIs for integration
        • Standard REST API
        Total monthly cost per room   $8

        New! Flex MM30 tabletop UC system for small rooms


        Featuring a right-sized footprint, our new Flex MM30 is purpose designed to deliver a premier UC experience in smaller meeting rooms, huddle spaces, classrooms, and home offices. Its outstanding audio performance, with 10-foot mic pickup, ensures everyone around the table is clearly heard. The MM30 will be available in two configurations:

        • Native support for Microsoft Teams® Audio
        • Native support for Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms™ video conferencing
        Join our webinar on August 11th to learn all about how the MM30 is the perfect solution for smaller spaces.

        Available August 31st
        MM30 Audio Conference System for Microsoft Teams
        Available August 31st
        MM30 Small Room System for Microsoft Teams
        Available August 31st
        MM30 Small Room System for Zoom Rooms

        Mobile Device Room Control - Enterprise room control on a personal device


        We’ve enhanced the touchless workplace experience with a mobile application that will allow meeting participants to control the room from the comfort and safety of their personal devices. This powerful new tool will launch at Crestron Next. Stay tuned for details over the coming weeks.

        New! DM NVX® Summer Firmware Release


        Major enhancements to the entire lineup of DM NVX AV-over-IP products are available now via a FREE firmware download. Read the blog post for detailed information on these new and upcoming features.

        v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW

        Standards based AES67 support for all DM NVX models

        Adaptive Bitrate Mode
        Dynamic adjustment of bit rate by resolution

        Image Freeze
        Freeze the current frame of video

        Automatic Display Control
        DM NVX control of displays

        Network Port Identification
        Link Layer Discover Protocol information support

        Simplified Routing
        Subscribe and independently route video, audio, and USB from the receiver 

        v4.0 AVAILABLE: AUGUST 4TH

        Stream port selection
        Divide network traffic across ports

        New! AirMedia® Canvas functionality


        With new Canvas functionality, AirMedia can display multiple sources onscreen for enhanced collaboration. Now, you never have to worry about which content to display, or it looking anything but great onscreen. From any device. AirMedia dynamically adjusts the onscreen layout based on the content source and device orientation – especially useful when presenting from tablets or phones. With support for every device, AirMedia delivers the simple, consistent experience professionals expect in the modern workplace, and faculty and students expect in today’s classrooms. Just follow the easy on-screen instructions to connect. Someone else’s turn? It’s simple to switch between sources. Or, with the Canvas functionality, display both using any connection to AirMedia, wired or wireless.

        NEW! DMPS Lite™ product line expanded


        Broaden your reach into spaces that require more than a DM Lite® source-to-display solution alone, but less than an all-in-one DMPS3 Series system, with DMPS Lite products.

        The DMPS Lite 210 adds a compact, yet powerful, option to the current lineup. It features a single DMPS Lite input, which can be paired with any DM Lite® transmitter, plus an HDMI® input. A second variation allows you to power the product via PoE+. Using its built-in web-based configuration tool, you can easily create a complete standalone auto-switching solution with display controls. Pair it with a control system and get full .AV Framework™ software support, plus the ability to program with all the tools you’re accustomed to.

        Now Available
        4K Multiformat 2x1 AV Switcher and Receiver
        Now Available
        4K Multiformat 2x1 AV Switcher and Receiver w/PoE

        DMPS Lite 210 Kits
        Now Available
        Consists of HD-TX-101-C-E, HD-RX-4K-210-C-E
        Now Available
        Consists of HD-TX-101-C-1G-E-B-T, HD-RX-4K-210-C-E
        Now Available
        Consists of HD-TX-101-C-1G-E-W-T, HD-RX-4K-210-C-E
        Now Available
        Consists of HD-TX-201-C-2G-E-B-T, HD-RX-4K-210-C-E
        Now Available
        Consists of HD-TX-201-C-2G-E-W-T, HD-RX-4K-210-C-E
        Now Available
        Consists of HD-TX-301-C-E, HD-RX-4K-210-C-E

        NEW! RMC4 4-Series™ Control System


        The latest addition to our 4-Series platform, the RMC4 gives you a secure, high-performance, and cost-effective room media controller in a compact form factor. It can be placed just about anywhere to suit a variety of applications. Conveniently powered by PoE, it also includes an array of connectivity options, including RS-232/422/485, Infrared, Digital IO, Relays, and Cresnet® and Ethernet IP control. It’s the ideal solution when you need to control and monitor single display devices, small AV systems, lighting, shading, security, and energy management applications. It boasts enterprise-grade security, leveraging SSH, HTTPs, 802.1x and Active Directory® protocols. The RMC4 can be deployed across hundreds of spaces and set up easily using a web browser, software, or Crestron XiO Cloud.

        Available August 31st
        4-Series™ Control System

        NEW! FlipTop™ FT2 Pass-Through Lid delivers enhanced convenience


        FlipTop cable management systems continue to make connecting at a conference room table or lectern easy with features such as one-touch and programmable silent retraction, back lit indicators, and complementary high-quality finishes in simple drop-in upgradable designs. Now, the new FT2 FlipTop Pass-Through Lid takes convenience and cable declutter to the next level. The sleek design conceals connections and cables while in use and fully extended to leave surfaces and views unobstructed. The FT2 FlipTop Pass-Through Lid will be available on our most popular model, the FT2-700, in both mechanical and electrical retraction, and is compatible with current FT2 FlipTop cables and accessories. The Pass-Through Lid will be included across the entire FlipTop product line in the near future.

        Available September 30th
        FlipTop™ FT2 Series Cable Management System, 700 Size, Electrical, Pass-Through Lid, Black
        Available September 30th
        FlipTop™ FT2 Series Cable Management System, 700 Size, Electrical, Pass-Through Lid, Alloy
        Available September 30th
        FlipTop™ FT2 Series Cable Management System, 700 Size, Mechanical, Pass-Through Lid, Black
        Available September 30th
        FlipTop™ FT2 Series Cable Management System, 700 Size, Mechanical, Pass-Through Lid, Alloy