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        Crestron Flex C140 Kits -
        Single display integrator kits for Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms software


        Introducing the UC-C140 kits: Simple and economical integrator kits for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms software!

        • Native UC functionality with the ability to customize audio and video needs to suit a customer’s single display space
        • Add-on and Integration of Crestron & 3rd party devices without programming. Making for flexibility with designs and installs
        • Provisioned and monitored via Crestron XiO Cloud management platform
        • Includes a single display UC Engine bracket assembly (UC-BRKT-100-SD-ASSY) and 10.1” Touch Screen (TSW-1060)
        Now Available
        Single Display Video Conference Integrator Kit for Microsoft Teams
        Now Available
        Single Display Video Conference Integrator Kit for Zoom Rooms

        New! AM-200 and AM-300 Firmware Update!


        This new firmware update adds support for a variety of features that will improve the user experience on AirMedia® presentation systems:

        • Easier to present and share on paired TSW touch screens
        • Built-in pairing with PoE occupancy sensor via configuration
        • Crestron Certified Drivers Portal support for easy loading of display or projector drivers
        • Google Calendar™ app support for users of G Suite™ tools, enabling them to bring scheduling into their AirMedia units
        • Help Page customization, making it easier to connect users to their corporate help desk when support is needed

        NEW! Crestron Flex MX150


        The sleek new Crestron Flex MX150 console is all you need to transform any space into a highly-effective meeting and collaboration space – and it connects to the room display with just a single cable. It combines all the must-have features people need, with the fast, secure cloud provisioning and management required by technology managers. Crestron Flex MX150 offers the unique flexibility to run native Microsoft Teams® or Zoom Rooms™ software, while still allowing BYOD mode. Thus, for organizations, it delivers the familiar Microsoft Teams or Zoom experience to employees, while still providing the ability to connect to laptops for other meetings.

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        Available May 22nd
        Crestron Flex MX150 for Microsoft Teams
        Coming Soon
        Crestron Flex MX150 for Zoom Rooms

        New! Crestron XiO Cloud native support for Logitech® products


        The Crestron XiO Cloud™ service now seamlessly integrates with Logitech Sync software. This enables support teams to conveniently manage all Crestron and Logitech products in a meeting room on one common management platform using a simple set of tools. It also gathers actionable data on how employees work and how rooms are actually being utilized.

        NEW! CP4 and CP4N 4-Series Control Systems


        These two new compact, rack-mountable 4-Series control systems are the fastest, most powerful, and most secure we’ve ever built. They deliver astonishing performance enhancements over the previous generation, including up to 15x the speed and 4x the amount of RAM. The CP4 gives you a plethora of connectivity options, including RS-232/422/485, Infrared, Digital IO, Relays, Cresnet® and Ethernet IP control. The CP4N adds an isolated Control Subnet to provide a Gigabit Ethernet LAN dedicated to Crestron devices. Whether you’re configuring a system via a webpage, programming in SIMPL Windows, or coding in C#, now sandbox free, the CP4 and CP4N have you covered, and then some.

        Migrating from 3-Series® control systems to 4-Series is easy and, rest reassured, the CP3 and CP3N are still available.

        Available June 30th
        4-Series Control System
        Available June 30th
        4-Series Control System