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Use Cases

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness
Health starts at home

Transform your home into a wellness oasis.

The Crestron Home® smart home platform allows you to easily orchestrate your home’s environment, as well as how your home interacts with the outside world to enhance your health and well-being.

Connecting with nature. Naturally healing.

with nature.
Naturally healing.

Biophilia is the word for our innate tendency to connect with the natural world. The sights and sounds of nature soothe and improve your physical and psychological well-being. Crestron Home sound systems can enable you to fill your home or individual rooms, with a variety of natural acoustic environments, while shading solutions bring the outside in at just the right times.

Climate, pure air & water. Elements of wellness.

Climate, pure air, and water. Elements of wellness.

The temperature and purity of both the air and water in your home is vital. Well placed, reliable heating and cooling systems, paired with Crestron Horizon® smart thermostats, maintain the optimal thermal environment.

Crestron and the Delos® Wellness platform work in harmony to filter water and air impurities, along with odors.

Power that’s always on.

Power that’s
always on.

Knowing your home is designed to overcome interruptions in power is a reassurance that can’t be measured. The many systems that make your home an oasis of health, safety and well-being will always be there for you.

Peace of mind.

Peace of mind.

Complete access to your home’s advanced security features puts your mind at ease. So does knowing your loved ones are safe and what’s most treasured is secure — whether you’re home or away.

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