Integrated Control System


        This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

        • (8) IR/serial / one-way RS-232 ports
        • (6) bidirectional RS-232/422/485 ports
        • (8) digital/analog input, digital output ports

        CNMSX-AV is the cost-competitive option in Crestron's new generation of control systems. The CNMSX-AV is fully expandable, a perfect choice for many small to mid-sized control applications.

        Ideal for: boardrooms, training centers, conference centers, videoconferencing, lighting control, environmental control, command and control centers, high tech homes.

        Crestron's CNMSX-AV is a high performance, integrated control system with dynamic expansion capabilities. Performance, value, reliability and a link to future technology are what set MSX apart from other control systems.

        The CNMSX-AV offers communication never before available in a control system. Crestron's exclusive DPA (Direct Processor Access) provides a direct link to any LAN or Internet connection via Ethernet. The MSX system's DPA card slot accommodates 10BaseT, 100BaseT and future communication protocols like ATM and Firewire. Each MSX control system has its own user-assigned IP address, seamlessly integrating with your computer network.

        MSX control systems provide the link to all the technology you want to control. Compatible with every Crestron control panel, touchpanel, wireless transmitter, interface and network device, Crestron's MSX systems put you in control - the Crestron way.

        Key Features
        • (8) IR/serial / one-way RS-232 ports
        • (6) bidirectional RS-232/422/485 ports
        • (8) digital/analog input, digital output ports
        • (8) low voltage, isolated relays
        • DPA slot Ethernet-based communication
        • Optional 3-slot card cage for expansion
        • Integrated 110/220-volt power supply
        • Programming ports on both front and rear panels
        • Powerful programming with drag-n-drop software. Program in Crestrons graphical SIMPL™ language or in "C-like" SIMPL+™ procedural programming language, or BOTH. Only Crestron provides the best of both worlds so that any control system programmer is a Crestron pro.
          NET (1) 6-wire RJ-type connector and (1) 4-pin male connector; for expansion to Cresnet or SmarTouch peripherals; 50W maximum load depending on expansion slot load
          Relays (8) normally open, isolated relays; each relay is rated 1A, 30VAC/DC; MOV arc suppression across contacts for use with "real world" loads
          Input/Output (8) programmable input and digital inputs/outputs; digital outputs offer 250mA sync from maximum 24VDC; catch diodes for use with "real world" loads; digital inputs rated for 0-24 VDC, 20K ohms input impedance, logic threshold 1.25VDC; analog inputs rated 0-10VDC, protected to 24VDC maximum, 20K ohms input impedance; programmable 2K ohms pull-up resistor (per pin, software reference to GND or closure to GND)
          IR/Serial (8) serial outputs for (IR), RS-232 or serial interface; signal (S) and ground (G) pins; infrared output up to 1.2MHz, serial protocols include RS232 with speeds up to 115,200 baud
          COM (6) bi-directional serial ports for RS232, RS-422 or RS-485 communication with hardware and software handshaking; speeds up to 115,200 bps
          Computer (2) one per front and rear panel, 9-pin DB9 female connector for programming with a PC; modem compatible; null modem cable not included
        Expansion Slots
          DPA Direct Processor Access expansion slot for optional local area network (LAN) interface card; (LAN) interface card accepts CNXENET or CNXENET+ card, which require field installation and has (1) 8-wire RJ45 connector for communication access
          Other (1-3) Optional (3) open "card cage" slots accept any CNX expansion cards; CNXCAGE 3-Card Cage required
        LED Indicators
          PWR Indicates power supplied to the unit
          NET Indicates activity within the system
          ERR Indicates an error message is available from the software feature buttons
        Indicates transmission of ethernet data
        Indicates reception of ethernet data
        Indicates attachment to ethernet network
        Indicates ethernet protocol error
        Reset Buttons
          HW-R Permits physical reset of system
          SW-R Depress in combination with the HW-R button to perform an overload/reset
        Power Requirements
          100-250VAC, 2.3A, 50/60Hz, internal universal power supply
          3.47" / 8.81cm (H) x
        19.00" / 48.26cm (W) x
        8.43" / 21.41cm (D)
          6.29lbs / 2.85kg
        CNX Expansion Cards
          CNXENET+ Enhanced Ethernet Expansion Card
          CNXENET 10BaseT Ethernet Expansion Card
          CNXTA Telephone Interface Card
          CNXIO-16 Analog Input - Digital Input/Output Card
          CNXAO-8 Analog Output Card
          CNXCOM-2 RS232/422/485 Expansion Card
          CNXMIDI MIDI Interface Expansion Card
          CNXRY-8 Output Expansion Card
          CNXRY-16 Output Expansion Card
          CNXVTC-3 Volume Control Expansion Card
          CNXIR-8 Infrared and Serial Expansion Card
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