Ethernet RS232/422 Module


        This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

        • Two Bi-directional Communication Ports
        • Supports RS-232/422/485
        • Unique modular system allows configuration of capabilities simply by adding expansion cards for video, graphics and Internet

        Crestron's revolutionary e-Control® technology harnesses the power of World Wide Web like no other system. Crestron's Ethernet-based products represent the company's commitment to deliver solutions professionals need for specific project applications.

        Communicating over standard Internet Protocol, the CEN-COM provides a host of options for maximum control over a LAN, WAN or the Internet. Ideal for controlling cameras, switchers and projectors, the CEN-COM is an Ethernet device with two independent bi-directional serial ports that can support asynchronous RS-232/422/485-based communication.

        Just as with all Crestron control systems and touchpanels, the CEN thin server products feature the company's award-winning e-Control technology. Part of Crestron's second generation of Ethernet-based products, the CEN-COM eliminates the risk of information bottlenecks by providing an open, point-to-point architecture that operates without the burden of a proprietary network or protocol.

        To build a system with the CEN-COM, simply start with any Crestron CNX control system (CNMSX-PRO, CNMSX-AV, or CNRACKX) and plug it into any off-the-shelf Ethernet hub. Once that's done, the CEN-COM can be connected over standard Cat5 wiring to create an instant real time solution with direct access to the unmatched performance of Crestron e-Control. Equally important, no computer or special software is required.

        The CEN-COM enables a system to overcome the distance limitations of RS-232/422/485 communication. All signals are monitored and controlled via 10BaseT Ethernet using standard IP, and two serial ports may be used to control a wide variety of serially controlled equipment. Port communications parameters are software selectable, including those for baud rates, parity, data bits, stop bits and handshaking.

        Crestron's Software Development Kit provides all of the software tools needed to link third-party software packages such as Visual Basic, C++, Delphi or HTML for direct control of any device connected to the CEN-COM, using Crestron's ActiveX objects and Java applets.

        Key Features
        • Two Bi-directional Communication Ports
        • Supports RS-232/422/485
        • Unique modular system allows configuration of capabilities simply by adding expansion cards for video, graphics and Internet
        • 10BaseT Ethernet Port
        • IP Addressable
        • IP Communications
          Black metal with silk-screened labels on the front and rear panels.
          All are made on the back of the unit, except for Ethernet port on front panel.
        LED Indicators
          PWR Illuminates when operating power is supplied to the unit. Operating power is supplied by the external AC power pack that provides 12VDC.
        Illuminates during reception of Ethernet data.
        Illuminates during transmission of Ethernet data.
        Illuminates when there are attachments to the Ethernet network
        Illuminates when an Ethernet protocol error is detected.
        (COM A&B)
        Flashes when data is received from the serial device attached to the respective COM ports.
        (COM A&B)
        Flashes when data is transmitted to the serial device attached to the respective COM ports.
        (COM A&B)
        If RTS/CTS handshaking is enabled, these LEDs illuminate when the CEN-COM is ready to receive data from a serial device attached to the respective COM ports.
        (COM A&B)
        Illuminates when the serial device on the respective COM port is ready to accept data. This "Clear To Send" signal is available only if RTS/CTS handshaking is enabled; signal is controlled by external serial device. If CTS signal is not connected (in cable), the signal is held high and the LEDs are extinguished.
          12 VDC .5A This DC power socket connector is used to supply power via an external power pack.
          PC This 6-pin, 6-position RJ11 modular jack is used to load the IP address and run diagnostics.
          COM A/B These two 9-pin connectors (DB9) connect to serial equipment. These bidirectional serial ports are used for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 communication.
          ETHERNET This 8-pin, 8-position RJ45 port connects the CEN-COM to a 10BaseT Ethernet/LAN or WAN via a hub.
        AC Power Pack Specifications
          PW-1205 Input - 120V~60Hz; Output - 12VDC .5 A
          PWI-1210 Input - 230V~50Hz; Output - 12VDC 1A
        Power Requirements
          12 or 24VDC, Load Factor of 2.5W
          1.70" / 4.32cm (H) x
        7.07" / 17.95cm (W) x
        6.32" / 16.06cm (D)
          1.90lb (0.86Kg)
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