Digital Servo Pan/Tilt Head


        This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

        • Digital Servo Technology
        • Ultra Fast, Quiet, and Precise Pan/Tilt Operation
        • Bidirectional RS-232 and Analog Lens Control Ports

        The C2N-CAMIDSPT is a state-of-the-art camera pan/tilt head offering ultra fast, quiet and precise camera and lens control for videoconferencing, recording, distance learning, in-house television, and live video applications. The compact device supports a vast range of popular cameras and lenses weighing up to 15 lbs (6.8 kg). Full control of the pan/tilt movement, plus camera and lens functions, can be provided using the C2N-CAMIDJ Digital Joystick Controller or any Crestron touchpanel or remote.

        Digital Servo Technology

        With pan and tilt speeds of 60 degrees per second, the C2N-CAMIDSPT offers the fastest performance in its league. Pulse-width modulation and digital servo technology deliver quick, smooth response with remarkably quiet operation. Nearly 360 degrees of pan and 180 degrees of tilt travel provide essentially limitless movement with extremely precise positioning achieved using digital optical encoders instead of analog potentiometers. Adjustable hard stops on both pan and tilt axes can be set to limit movement and prevent potential damage to the camera and lens. Setup is made easy using the built-in 5-way mini joystick to provide local position and lens control.

        Lens Personality Modules

        External plug-in personality modules define the

        C2N-CAMIDSPT's lens configuration, with modules provided for 6, 8, and 12 Volt motorized lenses as well as 2.5 to 7.5 Volt servomotor lenses. Both "position" and "speed" modes are available for controlling servomotor lenses, allowing immediate movement to a specified position as well as smooth variable speed control. Lenses equipped with potentiometer feedback are also supported, and a fully programmable RS-232 port is built in to provide bidirectional communication for control of serial-controllable cameras and double hot shoe type lenses.

        Cresnet® Network Control

        Designed for use with the 2-Series control system,

        the C2N-CAMIDSPT takes full advantage of the steadfast Cresnet control network to support up to 252 pan/tilt heads, camera controllers, touchpanels, and other devices. Up to 100 user presets are stored directly onboard the pan/tilt head, significantly reducing network traffic by minimizing the need for reporting position data to the control system. Ethernet connectivity is easily attained through the control system, enabling full control over existing infrastructure from any

        remote distance.

        Key Features
        • Digital Servo Technology
        • Ultra Fast, Quiet, and Precise Pan/Tilt Operation
        • Bidirectional RS-232 and Analog Lens Control Ports
        • Supports Camera/Lens Combinations up to 15 lbs.
        • 100 Onboard User Presets
        • Cresnet Network Communication
          Pan Travel ±177° using soft stops; ±170° using hard stops
          Tilt Travel ±90° using soft or hard stops
          Pan Speed 60 degrees per second maximum
          Tilt Speed 60 degrees per second maximum
          Repeatability ±3 arc minutes
          Weight Capacity 15 lbs (6.8 kg) maximum (properly balanced load)
          Presets 100 stored locally; unlimited via Cresnet
          LENS (1) DB15HD female;
        Output Voltages: ±12V, ±8V, or ±6V motor; 2.5/7.5V servo;
        Provides zoom, focus, and iris control plus additional lens functions
          RS-232 (1) DB9 male, bidirectional RS-232 port for device control and firmware upload;
        Up to 38.4k baud, hardware handshaking support
          NET (1) 4-pin 5mm detachable terminal block;
        Cresnet slave port, connects to Cresnet control network
          MINI JOYSTICK (1) 5-way miniature button/joystick for local position and lens control
          SETUP Used for touch-settable ID (TSID)
        LED Indicators
          PWR (green) Indicates 24 Volts DC power supplied from Cresnet control network
          NET (yellow) Indicates communication with Cresnet system
          SETUP (red) Indicates TSID or download in progress
        Power Requirements
          Cresnet Power Usage 60 Watts (2.5 Amps @ 24 Volts DC)
          Requires dedicated CNPWS-75 or dedicated channel of C2N-SPWS300, both sold separately
          Temperature 41° to 104°F (5° to 40°C)
          Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
          Wall or ceiling mount installation (camera bracket included; wall and ceiling mounts sold separately)
        Dimensions (Not including camera or camera bracket)
          Height 6.52 in (16.56 cm)
          Width 5.52 in (14.02 cm)
          Depth 5.49 in (13.94 cm)
          12 lb (5.44 kg)