Introducing The Signature Series

        Uniquely Yours.

        The TS-1542 Signature Series transforms the powerful 15.6" touch screen into a beautiful showpiece that can either be adorned with standard or completely custom colors and designs. No design is off limits, Crestron provides the means for design ideas to be submitted, rendered for approval, and then made real. Creating a touch screen that is uniquely yours.

        15 Standard Colors


        The Crestron TS-1542 Signature Series delivers the ultimate touch screen experience — blending style and function with advanced high-definition graphics. In one slim device, the TS-1542 Signature Series integrates a brilliant 15.6” Full HD touch screen display and high-performance digital graphics engine. As standard Crestron offers 15 colors to choose from, whether you want an understated and clean Feather White or a bright statement with Bewitched Red, our standard colors will give you that personal signature touch however you desire.

        Customized to fit any space.

        Any way you want it.


        If the Signature Series standard colors don’t match your taste then Crestron can design the touch screen in any way you want it. The custom design and artwork possibilities are endless, whether you want a specific color scheme or even a logo on the back, just submit your ideas, and Crestron will create something truly unique for you.