Lightning fast, responsive control.

        The brand new WiFi optimized TSR-310 delivering the ultimate user experience.

        Optimize TSR-310 performance with Crestron certified Wi-Fi®

        The TSR-310 handheld remote has been designed from the ground up to deliver an incredible user experience and part of making this happen is via utilizing high performance Wi-Fi® technology. Working closely with Texas Instruments, Crestron has created advanced WiFi optimization for the TSR-310 to guarantee real time communications to your entire Crestron system at all times. Responding in milliseconds ensures that when a user picks up the TSR-310 remote to mute volume or perform another time sensitive action, it reacts instantly. The lighting fast response of the TSR-310 exceeds expectations and provides the ultimate in quick reliable control.

        Why is this important?

        The TSR-310 communicates to a Crestron control system via a connection to the home’s Wi-Fi. Two critical aspects of TSR-310 performance will be affected by the Wi-Fi solution used:

        Battery Life

        To conserve power, the TSR-310 goes into a sleep state when not in use. In sleep mode, the Wi-Fi radio in the TSR-310 maintains a very low level connection to the wireless access point. Certain wireless access points can maintain an overly aggressive low level connection which can accelerate battery drain on the TSR-310.

        Connection Time

        The reason the low level wireless connection must be maintained is to ensure that when the remote wakes the user doesn’t have to wait for it to go through a lengthy reconnection process.

        Crestron Wi-Fi Performance Certification

        We’ve performed testing of leading brand Wi-Fi solutions so you don’t have to. By integrating a Crestron Certified Wi-Fi solution with each TSR-310 install, you can ensure your clients will have the best possible experience. And Crestron Certified doesn’t have to mean expensive. Many of the certified brands below offer wireless access points that are readily available at low cost. 

        We’ll be performing on-going testing and certification, so check back here regularly for additions to the list.

        Important note: While the TSR-310 can be connected to non Crestron Certified Wi-Fi solutions, we cannot certify that performance will be optimal.