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        Crestron Drapery Systems

        Draperies add a soft, graceful touch to your décor. Crestron Drapery Track Systems provide elegant and convenient operation.  Control Pinch Pleat or Ripplefold styles on straight or curved tracks using Crestron drapery motors.
        • Track styles and draws are available for almost any application or room shape
        • Straight track configurations are left draw, right draw, center draw, asymmetric, tandem (two track) and dual track
        • Crestron offers several types of curved drapery tracks for spaces with special design requirements
        • Custom bends are also available
        Limited Warranty
        Crestron guarantees the materials, workmanship, and operation of its mounting hardware, shade fabric, and QMT® shade motors. Learn more


        Drapery tracks can be bent or curved to match the shape of your room


        Pinch Pleat and Ripplefold styles for straight tracks
        Pinch Pleat
        Close-up photo of sealed pocket hardware
        Close-up photo of open pocket hardware


        Choose the placement of the fabric stack.

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