Residential Lighting Solutions

        Wired or centralized lighting control products

        The best time to design your lighting control system is in the construction phase. It makes it even easier to get the most control, and with the least visual impact on the décor. With Crestron centralized lighting control systems, you can hide all the dimming modules in a cabinet installed somewhere out of sight. Now, banks of switches become single, elegant keypads or sleek touch screens. Crestron offers centralized solutions for automating and controlling LEDs, track lighting, incandescent, floor/table lamps, sconces, spotlights, and even outdoor lighting for your home.

        In-Wall Wired Keypads


        Cresnet® Sensors


        Automation Enclosures


        Dimming Control


        Switching, Fan and Motor Control


        Low Voltage Digital Lighting Interfaces


        Wall Mount Dimming and Switching


        International Dimming Control


        International Switching and Motor Control


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