Personalized lighting control to create your perfect environment

        Lighting affects everything. Your well-being. Mood. Concentration. Creativity. With native integration of our Crestron LED light fixtures and select third-party fixtures, the Crestron Home® platform puts the power to control it in your hand. So, any time, any room, you’re always in the right light.

        LED Fixture - 1 - Slider Revolution
        Color Control and Tuning
        Control the color, hue, saturation, color temperature, and intensity of light to create the perfect ambiance in every space. Create one-touch warm dim setups and tunable lighting scenes for any environment.
        Circadian Rhythm Control
        Synchronize your lighting with your natural circadian rhythm and lifestyle to help improve energy level, mood, and overall wellness.
        SolarSync Automation
        Match the natural light outside using an outdoor Crestron SolarSync® photosensor. SolarSync communicates the outside color temperature to Crestron Home in real-time and tunes your indoor lighting accordingly.

        At home in any room

        The modular design of Crestron LED light fixtures gives you unprecedented flexibility and control to complement any décor with the highest quality light. Options include adjustable, wall wash, fixed frame, pinhole fixtures, multiple enclosure possibilities, and square or round trims.



        LED Fixture - 2 - Slider Revolution
        Specification and Ordering
        Our intuitive online configuration and ordering tool makes it easy to select the performance and style of the fixture and help with specification. Follow a series of simple steps and receive a quote, bill of materials, and all required documentation for lighting designers and electrical contractors, such as CAD drawings and IES files.
        Comissioning and Integration
        Crestron LED lighting fixtures are native to Crestron Home, so they’re discoverable on the network. This makes commissioning a breeze. Once commissioned, testing each fixture couldn’t be simpler using the Crestron Home setup app.
        Whole Home Environment
        In tune with our ultra-quiet motorized shading solutions, Crestron LED light fixtures deliver seamless, precise one-touch control of electric and natural light. Combined further with our advanced entertainment, climate, and security controls, you’re in command of everything in your home, anytime, from anywhere, using our elegant touch screens or your favorite smart devices.

        Even more design options with third-party light fixtures

        Leading lighting manufacturers are partnering with Crestron to provide fixtures that work natively with the Crestron Home™ smart home platform. This makes it possible for you to deliver the same personalized user experience with these fixtures within the Crestron Home app. Same circadian rhythm capabilities, same customization and control you get with Crestron LED light fixtures.

        Learn more

        Visit our Health & Wellness site to learn more about how lighting can positively impact your physical and emotional wellbeing.