Crestron DigitalMedia

        The only fully-engineered, field-proven, end-to-end solution for managing and distributing digital AV and control signals


        DigitalMedia NVX NEW

        Best image quality. Infinitely scalable. No latency. Standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet. Network security. Web-based control and management. Flexible USB 2.0 routing. Encoder/Decoder all-in-one.


        DMPS3 Series

        The new DMPS3 Series features 4K60, full support for HDCP 2.2, and Control Subnet. Like all DMPS3 Series, they feature a built-in 3-Series Control System® to deliver unmatched power and performance. Setup and touch screen control are simple using the web-based configuration tool, with no programming required..

        Crestron DigitalMedia

        Transmitters, Receivers, and Matrix Switchers

        Plug In & Present

        With our family of simple DM solutions, all you have to do is connect your laptop or tablet and your content automatically appears on the room display.

        DM® 4K/60 Fiber Solutions

        The new family of DM extender products support 4K/60 fiber, all on a single, flexible, and scalable platform that works across the entire DigitalMedia™ product line. Comprised of 4K/60 fiber transmitter and receiver endpoints in both card-based and standalone options, they provide: full DigitalMedia 4K/60; end-to-end HDCP 2.2; support for all IT industry-standard fiber types; flexibility to adapt to changes in fiber types; and local HDMI® switching for added flexibility.

        Learn everything you need to know about the DM 4K60 Fiber Solution.
        • Dual LC Connector
        • Multimode, duplex, 850 nm
        • 1000 ft (300 m) if using OM3
        • 1300 ft (400 m) if using OM4
        • Single LC Connector
        • Multimode, duplex, 850 nm
        • 6.2 miles (10 km) if using ITU-T G.652.D fiber
        • Single SC
        • CresFiber® 8G multimode, simplex
        • 650 ft (200 m) if using legacy CRESFIBER8G-NP or CRESFIBER8G-P

        Case Studies

        Digital Media Rocket Fuel


        Redwood City, California

        The new headquarters includes more than 50 meeting rooms, all standardized on Crestron DigitalMedia. Larger rooms use a DM 8X8 or 32X32 switcher, transmitters, receivers and scalers. Smaller rooms use a DMPS-300-C Presentation System.

        Digital Media Perion Networks


        Tel Aviv, Israel

        The forty-room conference center is built on the Crestron DigitalMedia platform. AirMedia is used throughout; DMPS-300-C presentation systems are in the conference rooms; the executive meeting room and auditorium use DM 16x16 matrices with 4K support.


        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

        The collaborative learning studio relies on Crestron DigitalMedia™. It’s so popular that more rooms are already planned. Students are no longer on social media during class. Now they are “eager to participate; they feel more motivated and involved.”


        ​DigitalMedia at Work

        Whether everyone is in the same room or miles apart, creating collaboration spaces with easy to deploy and easy to use technology that is also secure and managed on the corporate network is essential to success.


        ​DigitalMedia in the Classroom

        Passive learning is history. Interactive and collaborative learning is critical to engage students and develop their minds and skills. Today, there’s no “back of the room,” and sometimes no room at all. The right technology connects teachers, students, and information in ways that were not imaginable only a few years ago.

        Enter the Design Center

        DigitalMedia Configurator Tool

        Our easy to use drag and drop tools make configuring a DigitalMedia switcher simple.


        Application Diagrams
        Certified Devices

        DigitalMedia Certification Training

        Crestron provides the definitive design, installation, and commissioning specification to guarantee the reliable performance of DigitalMedia systems. The spec establishes an industry standard, and DM certification programs ensure that AV professionals are fully educated and are up to date with the standard. This sets a high benchmark for digital AV systems and gives clients the confidence that our industry remains a trusted and valued technology resource.
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