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        Crestron Studio® software makes it easy to create stunning, intuitive touch screen interfaces without having to write a single line of code. Just draw your signal flow diagram like you normally do and Crestron Studio does the rest. The functionality, the GUI, and the hooks to Crestron Fusion® Cloud are automatically generated behind the scenes using validated Crestron code. Studio leverages spectacular Crestron Smart Graphics™ to enable dynamic navigation that includes swiping, knobs, sliders, gauges, and scrolling lists.
        With all the basic functionality done in just minutes, use the time you save to customize the user interface and add additional control and automation features. Or, just move on to your next project.

        Get started with Crestron Studio

             Download the software

        You'll need Crestron Studio and Smart Graphics™, download now: Crestron Studio and Smart Graphics

             Upgrade the Firmware

        Get the latest firmware to leverage the power of Smart Graphics on all supported, previously released Crestron devices.

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        Watch video tutorials and open Crestron Studio.

        Crestron Commercial Studio

        Crestron Studio software streamlines setup of meeting rooms, presentation rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums. Now with full support for DMPS3 Series 4K DigitalMedia™ Presentation Systems, it enables you to deliver the system functionality your clients want with a consistent, intuitive, and branded touch screen experience – without having to write a single line of code.

        Easily deliver an exceptional user experience in every space

        Whether you're an experienced Crestron pro, or programming a system for the first time, Crestron Studio enables you to quickly add components, such as videoconferencing codecs, Avia™ DSPs, DMPS3-4K presentation systems, Blu-ray® players, and cable boxes, as well as custom functionality and logos. No control system is needed and you can upload your designs directly to your touch screens. Better still, multiple people can work on a project simultaneously - e.g. a graphic designer and programmer can upload their work independently - to speed projects to completion.

        Create once, use in every room

        Crestron Studio enables you to easily deploy a custom design in one room or classroom, or thousands of rooms and classrooms, company or campus-wide. This is a tremendous time-saver, with the added benefit of a dramatic decrease in help desk calls, thanks to the simple, consistent user experience across your organization.

        .AV Framework™ templates

        Every touch screen displays the latest UX. With enhanced multiple display support, you can select sources for both displays from the single screen view, and even define which source appears on which display by default (e.g. in-room source always appears on the left and the auto-switching laptop input always appears on the right). Touch screen GUIs are automatically generated and globally deployed. Using VT Pro-e®, Crestron Studio outputs the same .sgd files, so they’re totally compatible.

        Centralized meeting space monitoring and management

        Crestron Studio automatically links all the devices in the system to Crestron Fusion® for enterprise or campus-wide monitoring and control of room systems. This enables facilities and/or IT managers to check the status of all devices in every room and space to provide proactive support as necessary and increase system uptime. They can also track device and room usage to optimize workflow and technology investments.

        Crestron Residential Studio

        Experience the true potential of residential projects with the updated Crestron Studio®. Complete with new features and system improvements, it has never been simpler to create intuitive touch screen interfaces, add components and create custom living solutions – without having to write a single line of code. This is consistent, intuitive functionality, done in minutes. Even better, the integration between Pyng and Studio is native, all you need to do is tell Studio that there’s a Pyng system on the network and Studio will build all touch screen interfaces and integration points automatically.

        New and improved features for Crestron Studio®:

        Pyng integration

        Crestron Studio® is fully compatible with Pyng, offering an intuitive, ultra-reliable Crestron experience, perfectly tailored to customers’ needs. Functionalities such as Pyng Smart Graphics applications and Pyng Trigger/Listens can be added to your Studio® projects, giving your customer the lifestyle they demand, at their command.

        Enhanced remote programming

        Remotes that work so seamlessly, they virtually function by themselves. Think every button programmed, for every residential feature. And if you require customized solutions, the default programming is easily modified, giving your customer the ultimate in tailored automation technology.


        It has never been easier to integrate Sonos into the home. With just one click, Crestron Studio® can automatically build pages and connect all programming. A perfectly integrated whole-home audio system at the touch of a button.

        UI refresh

        Making it easier to deliver a cohesive, reliable and innovative Crestron experience. Our all-new User Interfaces and TV presets makes it both quick and straight-forward for programmers to improve user experience.

        Residential Studio Tutorials and Sample Systems

        The following tutorials, sample programs and drawings showcase the incredible abilities of the new Residential Crestron Studio. Make sure you utilize these tools to understand how quick it is to learn, have the ability to roll out complete Crestron systems in a fraction of the time and expand components and features with ease.

        Introduction to Crestron Residential Studio

        Introduction to Residential Crestron Studio and all the great new features. 

        How to integrate Amazon Alexa Services using Residential Crestron Studio

        With our unique custom skills, the Crestron and Amazon Alexa solution is the best-in-class within the industry and now integrating Alexa with Crestron is even easier via Residential Crestron Studio.

        Residential Crestron Studio: Sample System & Drawings – Audio Video Distribution

        Residential system that includes DigitalMedia for Video Distribution, 4 zone Crestron Audio Distribution, Crestron Pyng for Lighting, HVAC and Door locks, as well as a variety of User Interfaces including Touch Screens, Keypads and remotes around the house for control and monitoring.

        Download Sample System & Drawings

        Residential Crestron Studio: Sample System & Drawings– Expanded Audio Video Distribution

        Expanded Residential system that includes DigitalMedia for Video Distribution (including streaming Cameras), Sonnex for Audio Distribution, Pyng (for Lighting, HVAC, Door locks, Security), as well as a variety of User Interfaces around the house for control and monitoring.

        Download Sample System & Drawings

        Download Crestron Studio Resources

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