Crestron SR

        Next Generation Skype Room System

        Skype® for Business experience for large-scale deployment in simple rooms

        The number of small meeting rooms and huddle spaces in the enterprise is rapidly growing. This has created the need for a simple Skype for Business or Microsoft® Teams solution that can be easily deployed and managed on the network. Crestron SR fills that need.

        Leverage the power of Microsoft Teams in the modern workplace

        Designed in partnership with Microsoft

        Crestron SR delivers a consistent, seamless experience for power users or organizations that have standardized on Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams.

        Designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate the Microsoft Surface® Pro touch screen with Crestron control and AV systems, Crestron SR features:

        • HDMI® input; HDMI and DM® outputs

        • Four (4) USB ports to connect audio devices, a camera, and other accessories

        • Cresnet® port to add an occupancy sensor for automation and room usage reporting


        Consistent UX

        Crestron SR provides the same Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams UX running on your laptop or mobile device, and the same room control UX on Crestron touch screens in your other rooms. Simply press the "CRESTRON" button on the dock to toggle between the two. The Crestron UX is fully customizable to control AV, lights, shades, and thermostats when connected to a 3-Series Control System®.

        Easy to monitor

        You can connect Crestron SR directly to Crestron Fusion® monitoring and scheduling software. System administrators can then provide white glove remote help desk service by utilizing Crestron Remote. For instance, if there’s a technical issue during a presentation or video conference, a help desk technician can access the Crestron SR in the room and take control from his/her laptop without the need to visit the room.


        Easy to manage

        A help desk technician can also update the system and perform routine maintenance remotely. Crestron SR leverages all the standard network security protocols already in place, including Active Directory®, SSH. TLS, 802.1x, and FIPS, so the system is totally secure. Download Crestron Remote for Crestron SR today.


        How to buy

        Crestron SR is available exclusively via Microsoft distributors and resellers who have obtained official authorization. For Crestron dealers interested in becoming an authorized reseller of Crestron SR, please contact one of the Crestron SR distributors below in your region:

        North America:
        Kathryn Beem, Product Manager




        How to become an authorized reseller

        Crestron dealers interested in selling Crestron SR must follow the onboarding process established by the distributor. For details about the onboarding process for the distributor in your region click on the link below:

        North America:
        Kathryn Beem, Product Manager




        How to install