Crestron ONE

        One app. One seamless room control experience.

        Simple. Safe. Secure.

        Our mobile devices help us simplify everyday tasks and make connecting easier. The Crestron ONE™ app brings that same experience to the workplace. Enter a room and simply, safely, and securely control everything – without ever having to touch anything but your own mobile device.

        Securely connect to the touch screen and take control


        Automatically discovers and then securely connects to room via Bluetooth® communications.


        Touch screen displays challenge code and then disappears when mobile device connects.


        Mobile-optimized user interface provides clean, simple experience users expect.

        Simple room-based pricing

        • 60-day free trial for each room
        • $12 per room per month *US Advertised Price shown
        • Included in VC-4 subscription
        • Purchase upfront or as you go
        • For smartphone, tablet, computer, API and SPK
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        Flexible setup

        Configured interface
        • Choose controls to expose to end users
        • Crestron manages the user interface
        Customized interface
        • You control the user experience via a Crestron HTML5 user interface

        More features. More platforms. More customizability.

        All on the way over the coming months.

        4q 2020
        1q 2021
        2q 2021


        Room control via configured interface

        4Q 2020

        Present via AirMedia® wireless technology

        Room control, custom interface

        1Q 2021

        Room booking

        2Q 2021


        Corporate communications

        AirMedia Canvas controls

        User platforms


        iOS® 12+ (iPhone® mobile device and iPad® tablet)

        1Q 2021

        Android™ operating system support for smartphone and tablet

        Web browser and API/SDK beta

        2Q 2021

        Windows® operating system app

        Web browser

        API and SDK

        Crestron platforms


        TSW 60-Series

        3-Series® control system

        4-Series (except VC-4)

        Programmed systems

        4Q 2020

        VC-4 support

        XiO Cloud® platform licensing

        .AV Framework™ configured systems

        2Q 2021

        Crestron Flex


        Making workplace collaboration safe and effective. Bringing mobile control to room control.

        Today we can do just about anything from our phone or tablet. From the palm of our hands, we can buy just about anything from dinner to a new car.  Control just about anything at home from from changing the temperature to connecting with a streaming service. The simple, intuitive functionality we expect from our mobile devices helps us simply everyday tasks, makes connecting easier and our days more efficient. At Crestron, we thought it was time to bring that same level of intuitive and simple room control into the workplace.

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