Stay up to date on the latest Crestron Home updates and improvements.

        Stay up to date on the latest Crestron Home updates and improvements.

        Crestron Home is built to evolve.

        Updates, new features and products are always being added and can always be found here:

        Update number: 3.010.0098 
        Date: 12.13.2021
        Changes since last version
        • Adds support for Lighting Scene editing in the Crestron Home app
        • Adds support for Basalte Fibonacci
        • Adds support for Secure Remote Access
        • Adds support for NAX Airplay
        • Corrects issue with Crestron Home Setup checkboxes in some Extension drivers not updating their values on the UI
        • Adds extra protection to attempt reconnections if communication is lost with DIN-DALI
        • Fixes issue where on the MC4-R, in rare cases after updating the processor firmware EX devices may become unacquired
        • Fixes issue where some drivers could send too much data to the logs
        • Fixes potential issue where after a reboot the two loads on a CLW-DIMSWEX could track each other
        • Protects against rare occurrence where the NAX playing progress bar could get out of sync with the UI
        • Protects against a case where a DM-CPU could go offline after a processor reboot
        • Corrects issue where customer user drivers were not persisting boolean values
        • Protects against potential reboot loop after adding the KNX Extension driver
        • Corrects NAX Podcast issue that was specific to using Sequences to start a Podcasts in multiple rooms
        • Corrects source routes issue where if a TV was connected first, then the NAX speaker outputs, the default audio endpoint was not set to the NAX speaker outputs
        Update number: 3.009.00107 
        Date: 10.24.2021
        Changes since last version
        • Adds support for DM-NAX-16AIN
        • Adds support for importing Cresnet to Ethernet bridges from Crestron Home Configurator
        • Adds support for importing Ceiling Fan keypad actions from Crestron Home Configurator
        • Adds support on TSW, iOS, and Android to show Pools on the Home screen
        • Adds support for DSC Power Series Neo security systems
        • Fixes a potential exception that could occur when calling UpdatePairedDevice on platform drivers
        • Fixes a potential exception that could occur unloading platform drivers
        • Will now display the serial number of devices, if entered via the Crestron Home Configurator
        • Corrects issue where in some rare cases EX devices could be unacquired from the MC4-R after a firmware upgrade in some cases
        • Corrects issue observed on Satel security systems related to the friendly names not updating automatically on the user interface
        • Corrects issue where NVX E10/E20/D10/D20 are not displaying on the device firmware page
        • Corrects issue where profiles may not update in the Crestron Home UI after making changes at the DM-NAX webpage
        • Corrects potential lockup caused by underlying cresnet issue.  If seeing, “Timed out while waiting for cresnet driver to indicate operation done” in the console, this version recovers from those situations.
        • Corrects potential issue that can cause the UI to no longer display mode, setpoint, or schedule, on cresnet thermostats after a power loss, or cresnet loss
        • Corrects issue where Autonomic devices were not paused after an audio zone is powered off
        • Adds support for Keypad Control Station data if pre-configured via Crestron Home
        • Adds protection for a potential lockup that could occur if a Texecom Premier Elite 48 security system was in the system
        • Adds protection from certain invalid drivers that could stop the system from starting
        • Corrects issue where treble was not adjustable from AV Switchers
        • Corrects potential scenario where HZ-THSTAT could switch from cool and off modes when adding the device to a system
        • Adds optimizations to the Source Routes step that are more visible in larger systems
        • On NAX systems allows the startup volume to be set higher than 50%
        • Corrects issue where duplicate cresnet devices could be shown in the discovered device list when C2N-AMP-4x100, C2N-IO, GLS-SIM, CNX-PAD8A, CNX-BIPAD8, CNAMPX-12x60, CNAMPX-16x60, or CNX-PAD8As are in the system
        • Protects against potential lockup while controlling lights, or shades, during scene setup
        • Corrects issue where an EX device may display on the wrong gateway after doing a device replace
        • Adds self-healing to recover if a DIN-DALI stops communicating with the processor
        • Allows side-loading of drivers even if the driver version on the portal is newer
        • Adds DM-NAX support for fast forward and rewind on Podcasts
        Update number: 3.008.00079
        Date: 9.8.2021
        Changes since last version
        • Adds support for DM NAX to be able to recall specific favorites from Media Scenes.
        • Adds option for Media Scenes to be able to create a group. 
        • Adds support for DM NAX account syncing so that all accounts will automatically synchronize across all DM NAX units in an install.
        • Adds support for DM-NVX-E20 & DM-NVX-D20
        • Adds support for DM-NVX-E10 & DM-NVX-D10
        • Corrects issue related BACnet current temperature updates not occurring in real-time.
        • Corrects issue where Black Nova keypads were not being resent the active and inactive LED colors after a processor restart.
        • Adds support to set the scale on the HVAC gauge to have it display better when using Celsius.
        • Adds support to BACnet thermostats for showing half degrees when using Celsius.
        • Adds support for an option to hide the fan controls on the climate UI.
        • Corrects issue where CSM-QMTDC-250-4 was not displaying speed settings.
        • Corrects issue where incorrect version number parsing would lead to some drivers not displaying.
        • Corrects issue related to reordering display commands.
        • Corrects issue related to Alexa feedback related to shade groups.
        • Corrects issue related to media routing where some sources may not be displayed when and AVR is between 2 NVX devices.
        • Corrects issue related to media routing where an audio only source, connected to a TV, would not complete the route.
        • Adds support to set the security system exit delay timeout.
        • Corrects issue where AV Switcher drivers were not responding correctly to power commands.
        Update number: 3.007.0166 (3.7 Service Pack 1)
        Date: 7.7.2021
        Changes since last version
        • Adds additional support for the DM-NAX-8ZSA.
        ⚬ Adds basic support for Media Scenes down to the provider level.
        ⚬ Adds support for SiriusXM.
        • Adds UI improvements related to showing a busy indicator while music browse lists load.
        • Corrects issue where Podcasts may not correctly show the progress bar.
        • Corrects media routing issue related to the HD-MD-4x4 audio outputs.
        • Corrects issue where in some cases the audio endpoints were not saved across reboots.
        • Corrects case where DM-NAX system could cause the audio tile to be missing if providers were preconfigured on the DM-NAX.
        • Adds additional recovery mechanisms to reconnect to the DM-NAX.
        • Corrects issue related to adjoining room auto-selection of sources when using different providers.
        • Adds additional self-healing process to watch for a lockup then recover automatically.
        Update number: 3.007.0071
        Date: 6.9.2021
        Changes since last version
        • Adds initial support for the DM-NAX-8ZSA.
        ⚬ See the Crestron Home manual for details.
        ⚬ Adds supports for standard source routing, volume and tone control.
        ⚬ Adds support for Bussing and Bridging (Except 2.1 configurations. That will be added in a future release).
        ⚬ Adds support for Interrupts (playing chimes), including Do Not Disturb.
        ⚬ Adds support for the first few streaming services (Pandora, Internet Radio, Podcast).
        ⚬ Adds support to stream stereo audio from NVX encoders to NAX.
        • Corrects issue where Crestron Home Extension events are not being triggered properly when events pass through other extensions.
        • Prevents a scenario where the system could slow down over time.
        • Corrects issue where source audio will not change when switching the video source for mirrored displays.
        • Corrects Crestron Home Setup issue where the UI will freeze after pressing on the ‘Web Settings’ option under system control options.
        • Corrects Crestron Home Setup issue shows that the Sonnex line output is always powered off, even when the room is active.
        • Corrects potential issue where a switching command could be sent twice on AVR scenarios where the audio is routed back to the AVR from the TV.
        • Corrects potential issue on Honeywell 128bpt security systems where the exit delay interrupt message could be shown multiple times.
        Update number: 3.006.0132
        Date: 5.6.2021
        Changes since last version
        • Adds support for Crestron Home Configurator redeploy.
        ⚬ This allows you to continue to make Crestron Home Configuration changes after adding AV and other customizations from the Crestron Home Setup app. Use a new deploy code again to get the lighting changes from the Crestron Home Configurator, without losing any non-lighting customizations.  See the Crestron Home manual for details.
        • Adds support for the Crestron Horizon thermostat.
        • Adds support for 3rd party device diagnostics.  See the, “Enable Logging” checkbox in the Advanced tab from the device’s gear menu.  Once turned on you can see additional details on the Diagnostics page.
        • Adds improved Alexa voice support for shades.
        • Adds support for transferring EX devices from an MC4-R to a separate gateway (plus CP4-R).
        • Adds support to show help files for drivers.
        • Adds Sequence support to Crestron Home platform drivers that contain multiple types.
        • Adds support for Visualint VIM-7000 preview and PTZ.
        • Improves robustness related to loading of config files.
        • Corrects issue where interrupts attached to security events could trigger on a reboot.
        • Prevents a scenario where the Security System tile could be removed when a room was removed.
        • Protects against a case where a Platform driver was preventing other devices from loading.
        • Corrects issue related to CHV-TSTAT where the fan options could be missing at runtime.
        • Corrects TV overflow related issue where some overflow commands were displayed but did not function.
        • Corrects issue related to HR-310 where depending on how long the button was held, in some cases, the actions were not triggering.
        • Corrects BACnet related issue related to Slab State was not displaying the correct object types.
        • Corrects potential issue where Jandy iAquaLink could show a setpoint of 255.
        • Adds support for, “Time of Day Actions” on security system events.
        • Adds protection so an exception will not occur when powering on a room via source selection in the Crestron Home Setup app.
        Update number: 3.005.0074
        Date: 3.30.2021
        Changes since last version
        • Adds support for Black Nova backlight configuration
        • Adds support for Rhombus Cresnet Connected keypads
        • Adds support for the DM-NVX-E760 / DM-NVX-E760C
        ⚬ Below is the list of supported DM and DM Lite transmitters:
        ⚬ Standard Transmitters:
        • DM-TX-201-C
        • DM-TX-401-C
        • DM-TX-4KZ-202-C
        • DM-TX-4KZ-302-C (known issue: for this model only, you may need to refresh multiple times if the 302 is not discovered).
        • DM-TX-4K-100-C-1G
        • DM-TX-4KZ-100-C-1G
        ⚬ DM Lite Transmitters:
        • HD-TX-101-C-1G-E
        • HD-TXC-101-C-1G-E
        • HD-TX-101-C-E
        • HD-TXC-101-C-E
        • Removes the run-time pages from the Crestron Home Setup application.  The advanced user pages are still available, and when the admin name and password is entered it goes directly into the Configuration pages, instead of launching the control pages.
        • Adds Crestron Home Extension color radial gauge object support.
        • Grouping improvements – While in a group, if a room attempts to select a video source that room will be removed from the group and that video source will be selected in that room.
        • Improves reconnection logic for 3rd party drivers where only some devices are not reliably reconnecting after a processor restart.
        • Corrects issue where 3rd party driver User Attributes are not set if the value is empty text.
        • Corrects issue where the period button is not displayed in the overflow menu.
        • Corrects issue where after a processor restart, if interrupts are tied to Security Arm and Disarm events, the interrupt tone would be played.
        • Corrects issue where not all DALI controlled lights would turn back on after a system upgrade.
        • Updated Sonos related text to include the latest Sonos model names.
        • Corrects issue related to BACnet where the wrong setpoint range is displayed in Climate Scenes or Climate schedules.
        • Corrects issue where the “Learn Layout” is not operations for the CLW-DIMSWEX.
        • Corrected an issue with CLW-DIMSWEX switch feedback.
        • Corrects issue where if changing the User Interface Device port number, then attempting to change it back to port 50001 it would fail to connect.
        • Corrects issue where C2N-IO or GLS-SIM could not be added to new systems.
        • Expands the number of visible events for Crestron Home Extensions from 20 to 300.
        • Resolves BACnet subscription/feedback issues.
        • Corrects issue where security system function labels could display as blank.
        • Corrected an issue with Sonos Play continuously playing after power off the room when a sonos group is cleared.
        • Corrects an issue in the keypad programming UI where specific actions can cause the Scene lists to jump back to the room list.
        • Corrects an issue with Horizon keypad - Custom Color Theme sequence item is missing the color chooser boxes.
        • Adds support for adding the DM switchers that have firmware with authentication enabled by default.
        Update number: 3.004.0112
        Date: 3.12.2021
        Changes since last version
        • Corrects instance where ‘Limited Control’ message could be shown when selecting Sonos on the local network
        • Corrects rare issue where a network error could cause Sonos control to lockup
        • Improved robustness related to the MC4-R internal gateway and how it communicates with EX devices
        Update number: 3.004.0077
        Date: 3.1.2021
        Changes since last version
        • Adds self-healing process to watch for low memory threshold then recover automatically