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        Desktop Docking Station for TPS-6X, Gloss Black


        This product has been discontinued. Please contact Crestron True Blue Support at 1-888-CRESTRON for a replacement solution or more information.

        A very sleek and stylish desktop dock for the Isys TPS-6X. Provides a simple battery charging solution while affording full-featured tilt touchpanel operation. Available in locking and non-locking versions.

        The TPS-6X-DS is the desktop docking station that is included as standard with the Isys™ TPS-6X Wireless Touchpanel. Placing the touchpanel onto the TPS-6X-DS converts it to a stylish tilt touchpanel, providing wired communications and video capability while charging the touchpanel's internal battery.

        Versatile Docking Options

        The TPS-6X-DS provides both wired Ethernet and Cresnet® connectivity to the touchpanel. When the touchpanel is placed on the docking station, it can switch automatically from RF wireless to fully-wired operation if either Ethernet or Cresnet is connected. Without a wired Ethernet or Cresnet connection present, the touchpanel will continue to operate wirelessly while it charges. Power can be drawn either from the Cresnet network or the included power pack. A composite video input is also included to enable the display of full-motion video on the touchpanel screen while docked.

        Tilt Docking Port

        The tiltable docking port on the TPS-6X-DS allows the touchpanel to be tilted at any angle up to 45 degrees for optimal viewing and operation. The angle can be freely adjusted, or locked down at a fixed angle. Strong magnets help guide the touchpanel onto the docking port and hold it in place.

        Locking Option

        The TPS-6X-DS is available with or without additional locking features. Standard models include a finger-operated latch, which can be engaged at any time to secure the touchpanel to the docking station while it's docked. The touchpanel can even be attached to the docking station semi-permanently using a provided locking pin for a full-time tabletop touchpanel solution. These locking features are omitted on the "No Lock" model docking stations.

        Low Profile Base

        Its sleek appearance belies a surefooted design offering excellent stability on any flat surface. A swivel mount kit is also available for fixed-mount applications that require the ability to rotate the touchpanel during use. A single cable exits the rear of the docking station base, which can be repositioned to exit the bottom for a very clean, cordless appearance when permanently mounted.

        Key Features
        • A stylish desktop dock for the Isys TPS-6X
        • Provides a simple battery charging solution
        • Affords full-featured tilt touchpanel operation
        • Available with or without locking docking port
        • Supports wired Ethernet or Cresnet communications
        • Enables balanced or unbalanced video input
        • Features a lightweight cable for easy placement
        • Powered by Cresnet or local power pack
        • Includes TPS-6X-IMCW interface module and power pack
        • Available in gloss black or white, or matte black finishes
          Integral 9 ft (2.75 m) cable with 10-pin RJ50 male connector;
        Connects to TPS-6X-IMCW interface module (included)
        Power Requirements
          The TPS-6X-DS Docking Station is a passive device requiring no power; a TPS-6X-IMCW interface module and power pack are included to provide power and other connectivity for the TPS-6X touchpanel; refer to TPS-6X and TPS-6X-IMCW specifications for additional power requirements
          Temperature 32° to 112°F (0° to 45°C)
          Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
          Injection-molded plastic, 0° to 45° tilt docking port, adjustable friction clutch tilt mechanism, optional lock, low-profile base, integral cable assembly, swivel mount kit available separately
          Height 4.26 in (108 mm) maximum
          Width 6.98 in (178 mm)
          Depth 7.03 in (179 mm);
        6.47 in (165 mm) without grommet
          Note: Combined height of the TPS-6X-DS docking station and TPS-6X touchpanel docked is 6.21 in (158 mm) maximum.
          1.25 lb (565 g)
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