DIN Rail Versiport Module

        Contains 8 Versiport I/O ports. Provides an interface for 3rd-party sensors, detectors, contact closures, and alarms. Fully programmable functionality via a Crestron control system.

        The DIN-IO8 is a DIN rail-mounted automation control module that provides eight Versiport I/O ports for interfacing with a wide range of third-party devices and systems. Each "Versiport" can be configured via software to function as a digital or analog sensing input, or as a digital trigger output.


        Configured as a digital input, the Versiport will sense a contact closure or logic level signal from devices such as motion detectors, partition sensors, alarm panels, 12 V triggers, and all types of switches and relays. As an analog input, the Versiport can sense changes in a resistance or DC voltage level, working with everything from temperature and light sensors to water level meters to volume control potentiometers. As a digital output, the Versiport provides a logic level closure signal to trigger control and alarm inputs on a variety of external devices.

        DIN Rail Installation

        The DIN-IO8 is designed to snap onto a standard DIN rail for installation in a wall mount enclosure or mounted on a wall panel. Wiring connections are made using detachable screw terminals positioned along the top and bottom, clearly accessible from the front for easy installation and servicing. All setup controls and indicators are positioned on the center front panel. When installed in an enclosure utilizing 45 mm cutouts, the DIN-IO8's front panel stays accessible while the connections are concealed.

        Cresnet® Network

        The DIN-IO8 communicates with a DIN-AP4 4-Series™ DIN Rail Control System, or any other Crestron 4-Series control system, via the Cresnet control network. Cresnet also powers the DIN-IO8. A pair of Cresnet ports is provided on the DIN-IO8 allowing for easy daisy-chaining of several DIN Rail Series automation control modules.

        Key Features
        • 8 Versiport I/O ports
        • Interface for 3rd-party sensors, detectors, contact closures, and alarms
        • Fully programmable functionality via Crestron control system
        • Cresnet communications
        • 6M wide DIN rail mounting
          I/O 1 – 8 (2) 5-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal blocks comprising (8) digital input/output or analog input ports (referenced to GND);
        Digital Input: Rated for 0-24 Volts DC, input impedance 20k ohms, logic threshold 1.25 Volts DC;
        Digital Output: 250 mA sink from maximum 24 Volts DC, catch diodes for use with “real world” loads;
        Analog Input: Rated for 0-10 Volts DC, protected to 24 Volts DC maximum, input impedance 20k ohms;
        Programmable 5 Volts, 2k ohms pull-up resistor per pin
          NET (2) 4-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal blocks, paralleled;
        Cresnet slave port
        Controls & Indicators
          I/O 1 – 8 (8) Red LEDs, indicate status of Versiport I/O ports
          NET ID (2) 7-Segment green LED digits and (2) miniature pushbuttons for setting Cresnet ID
          SETUP (1) Red LED and (1) recessed miniature pushbutton for enabling setup mode and touch-settable ID
          PWR (1) Green LED, illuminates when DC power is applied to the NET port
          NET (1) Yellow LED, indicates communication with the control processor
          RESET (1) Recessed miniature pushbutton, resets internal processor
          Light gray polycarbonate housing with polycarbonate label overlay, UL94 V-0 rated, 35mm DIN EN 60715 rail mount, DIN 43880 form factor for enclosures with 45mm front panel cutout, occupies 6 DIN module spaces (108mm)
        Power Requirements
          Cresnet Power Usage 1.5 Watts (0.06 Amps @ 24 Volts DC)
          Temperature 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
          Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
          Heat Dissipation 5 BTU/hr
          Height 3.71 in (9.42 cm)
          Width 4.18 in (10.60 cm)
          Depth 2.35 in (5.95 cm)
          5.9 oz (165 g)
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