With support for luxury voice control, you can take your Crestron smart home experience to yet another level of convenience and sophistication.

        Easy to setup & deploy

        The sleek Josh Micro device and app integrated with your Crestron smart home gives you highly intuitive, customizable voice control of lights, shades, thermostats, audio, video and scenes. is easy to set up and deploy with the Crestron Home® operating system  —  simply authorize the Hub and does the rest. Once enabled, you can control your home using natural language voice commands such as, “Okay Josh, set the thermostat to 71 degrees,” or “Okay Josh, let's watch season 1 episode 3 of Black Mirror.”

        Technical Specifications

        Using SIMPL, seamlessly integrates with the Crestron smart home to provide advanced voice control of:

        • AV distribution
        • TSR-310
        • Switches
        • Lights
        • Thermostats
        • Shades
        • Scenes

        Using Crestron Home you can control:

        • Lights
        • Shades
        • Thermostats
        • Locks
        • Scenes
        • Quick Actions

        Coming soon to Crestron Home:

        • Audio
        • Video

        Visit to learn more.

        Quick Setup Guide

        To integrate with Crestron, follow these simple steps:
        Step 1
        Make sure your Crestron Home control system is up-to-date (with a minimum firmware version of 1.010.0085).
        Step 2

        Open the Crestron Home app for the iPad® tablet and navigate to the Setup screen (Home > Menu > Settings > Configure System). If you don’t have access to an iPad, you can use a browser to connect to the IP address of the Crestron Home control system (Adobe Flash® software is required).


        Step 3

        From the Setup screen, navigate to the User Settings screen, tap on Advanced Configuration and then enter the appropriate password to be granted access to Installer Settings.


        Step 4

        Tap on Web API Settings, where you should see an Authentication Token. Copy or write down the Authentication Token.


        Step 5

        Once you have the Authentication Token, go to the Josh portal and then:

        1. 1. Click on your name at the top-right to show the dropdown menu and then choose AUTH DEVICES
        2. 2. Choose Crestron Home Control System from the left menu
        3. 3. Click on AUTHORIZE on the Crestron Home Control System tile and you’re all done!