ekey biometric systems

        Unlock your front door with the swipe of a finger? It’s been the stuff of science fiction. It’s not anymore, thanks to our partnership with ekey biometric systems.

        The future is now

        ekey biometric systems and Crestron took up the challenge of making home entry more secure and convenient. We’ve delivered on it by integrating Crestron smart home technology with ekey fingerprint devices. Now, entry is as simple as a finger swipe.

        Advantages of fingerprint door access
        • Impossible to lock yourself out, as your finger is always, literally, on hand!
        • No need to worry about lost or stolen keys
        • Maximum protection against forgery
        • Exponentially more secure than 4-digit codes
        • Impossible for access to be passed on (unlike with an access card or key)
        • Intelligent software detects growth of childrens’ fingers, minor injuries, and habit changes
        • Building control systems can detect who’s coming in

        Integration is easy

        ekey is easy to install and administer. It’s currently available for Crestron systems with:

        • 3-Series® control systems with RS485 COM port
        • SIMPL Windows

        Learn more

        Download the ekey Integration Help Guide

        Visit the ekey website to learn more about the devices and how to purchase

        Watch this ekey technical video to see how the devices work