Crestron + Vitrea
        Vitrea’s VTouch keypad is a Crestron Connected® device for seamless integration. Elevate your Crestron smart home with this chic and modern control solution.

        A Powerful Combination: Revolutionizing Technology Together

        With the exclusive VTouch keypad by Vitrea and Crestron’s renowned smart home solutions, effortless integration is achieved, adding chic, modern control to Crestron smart homes. This alliance drives market expansion, exploring new horizons and addressing evolving customer needs. By aligning visions and resources, the partnership aims to deliver transformative solutions and elevate the smart home experience. Together, Vitrea and Crestron are shaping the future of home automation, setting new standards in the industry.

        VTouch: LED Control and Customizable Panels

        LED identification and customizable glass panel designs integrate flawlessly with Crestron systems for full control. Communicate and customize commands, configuring press, release, short-press, long-press, and double-press actions for enhanced control flexibility. Unleash personalized control in your space.

        Elevate Control and Design with VTouch Keypads

        Elegant glass colors, configurable button presses, LED visibility, versatile installation options, and complete interior design. Enjoy reliable connectivity with Cresnet® wired communications. Enhance your control experience and design aesthetics with VTouch keypads.

        Customize Your Space

        Stylish glass keypads install either floating or flush to the wall for flexibility. Glass switch color can be customized to complement your interior design. Achieve a personalized look that integrates with your surroundings. Experience functionality and style with VTouch customizable keypads.

        VTouch + Cresnet: Exclusive Home Control

        Experience effortless connectivity with VTouch + Cresnet communications, easily controlling your Crestron system and home appliances. Manage your environment anytime, even when away. Turn on AC or warm up your house as you leave the office, ensuring ultimate comfort upon your arrival. Enjoy exclusive convenience with VTouch + Cresnet communications.

        Discover seamless integration and advanced features now!