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        Crestron + Tango
        Deliver enterprise workspace booking and analytics
        to meet the demands of today’s hybrid workplace.

        Integrated partners serving the evolving hybrid workplace

        As an industry-leading solution, Tango Reserve serves customers of all sizes and with everything from simple to sophisticated requirements. Tango delivers a workspace and room scheduling solution that is fully integrated with Crestron’s desk and room scheduling hardware. Tango’s people-focused solution helps companies from start-up to enterprise measure and manage their workplace and provide a more productive and collaborative experience for their employees. Tango solutions are FedRAMP® authorized to serve Crestron’s public sector customers, available in multiple languages, and cloud-hosted to support a global customer base.

        Empowering Choice in the Hybrid Workplace

        Make time in the office worth the commute. Tango provides choice and flexibility to employees, encourages working together, supports teams, and creates productive office experiences, all while gaining analytics to continue optimizing reservable space.

        Tango + Crestron Desk Touch

        Tango and Crestron Desk Touch enhance the booking experience, offer additional scheduling and collaboration features, and deliver workplace analytics. Desk Touch not only reminds people to reserve and check in but also makes the experience faster and easier, which helps capture valuable utilization data.

        Tango + Crestron Flex Panels

        Tango and Crestron Flex Panels provide a unified booking experience across work and collaboration spaces. Bi-directional integrations with Microsoft 365® software and Google Calendar™ service create a seamless experience, including scheduling supporting services and room search with specific amenities.

        Optimize Your Reservable Workplace

        Tango captures occupancy and utilization data from multiple sources to support strategic and operational decisions. Customers use Tango Workplace Analytics Dashboards to understand how their space is being used, what the workforce needs, and how to optimize their portfolio, saving significant real estate and operations costs.

        Scalable Real Estate Life Cycle Solution

        Tango Reserve can be purchased alone or with any of the other eight real estate and facilities lifecycle modules. Two popular companion modules are Tango Visitor and Tango Space, which enable companies to improve space optimization, reduce occupancy costs, and increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

        Contact Tango today to learn more

        If you are looking to deliver more flexibility to your workforce while gaining valuable utilization insights, or optimize your space, contact Tango to learn more, or discuss dealer partnership opportunities.