Crestron + Teem

        Teem is more than a meeting room booking system. Teem gives you intelligent tools and powerful workplace analytics to optimize your most valuable resources: people, places, and technology.
        Put an end to scheduling headaches and keep meetings on-track by installing Teem on Crestron scheduling touch screens. 

        With Teem, employees can make reservations, view upcoming meetings, report issues with conference room technology, consult an interactive isometric map, or check-in or out of a meeting right from a Crestron touch screen.

        Teem allows you to give employees multiple ways to view and book conference rooms.

        Not only can employees view and book all rooms in your space from any Crestron touch screen, but they can also do the same from their desktop or mobile device. It's all thanks to seamless integrations with popular calendar and email systems—like Microsoft® Exchange™, Office 365®, Outlook®, and Google® apps.

        Manage your touch panels easily and efficiently via a web-based dashboard 

        Changing the settings of a room display across the country is as simple as adjusting the settings for a room across the hall. Teem makes it easy for account admins to add new users with SSO integrations, including Google and Office 365.

        Teem and Crestron motion sensor integration 

        The Teem and Crestron motion sensor integration brings all of the benefits of the partnership to more spaces than the conference room. Automate room check-in, enable occupancy-based booking and huddle space occupancy detection, and more.

        Learn More about TSS Touch Screens

        Find more information about the TSS-7 and TSS-10 by clicking the links below

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        Crestron + Teem

        Learn more about the Crestron and Teem partnership by clicking the link below