Crestron + SoundMachine
        SoundMachine is music for business. Available now on Crestron DM NAX™ Audio-over-IP, where businesses can easily manage all aspects of their audio experience through a single interface.

        Choose, create, and mix content

        500+ curated stations
        Hundreds of human-curated stations across all music genres and styles. Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

        Import playlists
        Import your favorite playlists from Spotify®, Apple Music®, and Amazon® Music streaming services, and more.

        Mix stations
        Combine stations to create your own personalized mix.

        Manage content

        Schedule stations and mixes
        Schedule your mix or station to create the desired mood throughout the day.

        Program messages
        Incorporate your own promotional messages to play at exact times or precise intervals.

        Manage multiple users
        Link an unlimited number of users to your account and manage their music and messages.

        Available on Crestron DM NAX

        Business owners can access SoundMachine playback controls directly from the Crestron app on Crestron devices, mobile, or tablets, or add a new zone to their listening stream for seamless transitions from one area to another. Users can also play multiple streaming sessions throughout their business from the same SoundMachine subscription.

        Learn more about SoundMachine and our AV Integrator Partner Program