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        Optimize your meeting rooms and spaces

        SharingCloud software running on Crestron room scheduling touch screens provides optimized management of all your meeting rooms and spaces by showing the room name, availability, and schedule for the day.

        A comprehensive platform for workplace digitalization, SharingCloud is the only solution that supports complete integration with Microsoft® Exchange, Office 365®, Lotus®, and G Suite® software, and is available in SaaS or on-premises.

        SharingCloud, the augmented workplace

        SharingCloud provides ad hoc room booking, no-show management, auto-release if sensors show inactivity, wayfinding on an interactive map, and the ability to report issues.

        Completely configurable interface

        SharingCloud can be adapted to your corporate branding and various types of rooms (training, meeting, dedicated rooms, auditorium, etc.).

        All screens can be powered with integrated digital signage capability, with full support of all video, HTML5, and web content.

        Deploy all your worldwide locations through a single platform

        The SharingCloud centralized platform provides high availability and scalability that enables you to provide the best level of service to your end users, including room services, catering, visitor welcoming, and best-in-class flex office management.

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