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        Crestron + Sennheiser
        Dynamic Solutions for Every Hybrid, Collaboration Space

        Every person involved in a meeting, lecture, or conference should feel included and valued.

        The partnership between Crestron and Sennheiser helps to ensure that happens by elevating both the in-room and remote experience for participants with our versatile and easy-to-use solutions.

        High-production value video and superior audio combine to deliver an immersive experience that’s fully inclusive, no matter your location, meeting style, or complexity of requirements.

        Our co-tested modules both simplify and accelerate integration, meaning an easier experience for integrators, technical support teams, and attendees alike.

        Advanced Speaker Tracking

        Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling solutions — the TCC 2 and TCC M —provide accurate speaker tracking supported by automatic, dynamic beamforming technology, meaning no spoken word is lost. 

        Remove complex setups and easily integrate this with Crestron’s intelligent video to elevate the experience of in-room and remote users.

        Seamless Integration and Simplified Control

        Readily available modules for TCC 2, TCC M, SpeechLine, EW-DX, and MobileConnect means you can seamlessly install, integrate, and manage Sennheiser’s audio products with Crestron’s control solutions. 

        Create a dynamic, dependable infrastructure that will adapt to meeting and learning spaces of all forms and sizes.

        Embracing Inclusiveness in Large Spaces

        Inclusiveness has never been more important than it is in this hybrid age, and Sennheiser and Crestron’s partnership encourages interaction and engagement. 

        By blending high-quality video and intuitive, precision audio, our solutions provide a responsive and collaborative environment without the need for complex programming.

        Sightline Room Designs

        Intelligent solutions from the Automate VX Multi-camera Speaker Tracking Solution integrated with positional data from TeamConnect Ceiling microphones are at the heart of Crestron Sightline Experience room designs.

        Video cameras actively track and frame presenters and multiple displays offer improved visibility of remote participants, resulting in more inclusive meeting spaces.

        Collaboration Made Simple. Learn More Now.

        Multiple cameras and precision audio provide a more engaging, natural coverage, while removing the need for complex programming.

        Sennheiser and Crestron solutions combine to ensure every participant feels included and heard, whether they’re in the room or joining remotely.