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        Crestron +
        Rhombus Europe

        Express your individuality

        Rhombus Europe offers a complete range of contemporary electrical accessories. By manufacturing beautiful custom switches and sockets that express the individuality of your interior, they incorporate technical expertise into exquisite designs. Now Crestron Connected® devices, they seamlessly integrate with Crestron smart home systems.

        Rhombus SQUARE luxury collection

        Available in a wide variety of finishes, including metal, leather, stone, wood, and shell. Compatible with many back box standards, such as UK, EU, and IT.

        Rhombus ROUND luxury collection

        Elegant design meets built-in intelligence. Provide access to multiple functions from anywhere.

        Rhombus TOGGLE luxury collection

        Featured in world-class hotels, such as Jumeirah, Hilton, and Hyatt group.

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