Crestron + PepperDash

        PepperDash develops software solutions that enable many of the largest corporations, financial institutions, and universities in the world to design, deploy, and maintain the most challenging and technically complex installations in the AV industry.

        AV Operations Platform

        PepperDash Portal™ is specifically designed to support enterprise AV standards management, multi-team project deployments, and live monitoring of audiovisual technologies.

        Unified Device Management

        PepperDash Portal’s Unified Device Management goes beyond basic communication status and provides a detailed analysis and rating of the configuration settings, firmware versions, and program files that are required for system operation. In addition to detailed device state, Portal also provides support teams the ability to track and receive notifications when a device is changed, detailing who made the change, and why.

        PepperDash Connect Room Signage™

        PepperDash Connect enables a flexible, brandable, feature-packed room signage solution for your existing scheduling system. Break out of the limitations of standard scheduling solutions with a customizable solution for features such as advanced workflows, user authentication, and event-based branding.


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