Collecting and managing your classroom & training content has never been easier, with Panopto and Crestron you can focus on teaching without worrying about the technology.


        Integrating with Panopto recording solutions enables Crestron to offer the market-leading video capture capabilities of Panopto with the power of Crestron in the room to create a simple content recording solution for educators and trainers. When you have a pre-scheduled session just walk up to the Crestron touchscreen to check your audio and video and then click one button to trigger the recording. Alternatively you can manually trigger a recording with just a few simple taps. If you want to pause, extend or stop your recording just tap the screen. You can focus on teaching knowing that your content will be captured every time.

        The Crestron-Panopto integration provides organizations with:

        • One-touch recording of lectures and presentations,
        • The ability to check microphone levels and camera positioning,
        • Automatic upload of videos to Panopto’s secure video content management system (VCMS),
        • Video processing to ensure that recordings can be watched on any device, and
        • Inside-video search, enabling learners to find and fast-forward to any word spoken or shown in the on-demand videos.

        Technical Specifications

        Crestron, in sync with Panopto seamlessly connects your in room AV technology to your recording service. The integration with Panopto allows you to control a Panopto remote recorder from a touchscreen, PC/Mac, iPad or a remote web interface.


        • All 3-Series® processors firmware version 1.501.0025 (Internet Access Required to Panopto servers)
        • SIMPL Windows v4.04.03.00
        • Panopto Remote Recorder PC application

        Full release of the Panopto integration is scheduled for Fall 2017. When available, Beta versions of the Panopto integration will be posted to Crestron Labs.