All the flexibility of SIMPL Windows with half the work. Custom software tools for custom home automation projects.

        Sometimes, in order to make a big leap forward, you have to do something completely different. The rules have been changing and everybody seems to be in a race to make everything look the same and play by the same rules. A few years ago, we saw this trend coming. So, we decided to do something about it. We threw out everything we’d done in the past and rewrote it all from the ground up. What we created was a revolutionary software suite that cuts programming time dramatically and enables technicians to configure software on site, without sacrificing any flexibility. We call it Adapt.
        “Adapt is a revolutionary software suite for Crestron home automation systems.”
        Adapt is a set of tools designed to simplify programming for Crestron home automation systems. It includes a suite of SIMPL Windows modules, user interface templates, and our System Manager application that lets you customize each system on the fly.
        Also included with the full Adapt Software Suite is an example program to show you exactly how it all comes together. The example program includes complete audio video functionality and a variety of environmental systems with user interface templates and a completed System Manager configuration.
        "Adapt includes rich, built-in features that make it a complete, turn-key solution!"
        The Adapt SIMPL Windows modules are built around a core of SIMPL#. The SIMPL# core provides a rich set of built-in features and delivers a more responsive system with less processor overhead.
        The Adapt modules allow you to easily create a complete template program that can be customized for each project within SIMPL Windows or configured with the Adapt System Manager application.
        "Touch screen designs based on decades of experience in home automation."
        The Adapt user interface templates are complete VisionTools Pro-e projects that can be used straight out of the box or customized in VT Pro-e® software to your personal flavor.
        The touch screen projects leverage Crestron Smart Graphics® technology for dynamic layouts that can be customized simply with Adapt System Manager.
        "Build one core program, use it over and over again, and then customize each project 'point and click' style."
        The Adapt System Manager application allows you to configure and customize an Adapt program. You can customize your system beforehand or as it’s running on a Crestron processor.
        With System Manager you can customize sources, interfaces, and subsystems; configure the home page layout; rearrange switcher inputs and outputs; reorder dynamic lists; and more.
        "Adapt is all about adapting to your needs."
        Adapt can start changing your business today, regardless of the way you operate. We only have one requirement: you need to be a Crestron dealer, because Adapt is built for Crestron control systems.
        Apart from that, you can purchase the complete Adapt Software Suite and use your own programmer. Or contact us and we’ll program it for you and you can then customize it with Adapt System Manager.
        We’ll schedule an online meeting so we can show you how it works and all the things it can do. If you think it sounds amazing, just wait until you see it!