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        Crestron +

        Rendezvous from NFS is the powerful, easy-to-use, and fully integrated meeting room booking solution.

        Integration with Creston improves the meeting experience while saving valuable time in booking. Expensive and frustrating no-shows become a thing of the past!

        Make your meetings perfect

        Rendezvous enables you to make room reservations, see at a glance whether a room is free or busy, see what’s coming up, and check in and out quickly with the easy-to-use touch screen. Full integration with Microsoft Outlook® software including Office 365®.

        Full two-way integration

        Meetings booked in Outlook or the mobile apps appear on the touch screens instantly. Cancel or change a meeting on the touch screen and your visitors are emailed automatically.

        Rendezvous offers more. Much more.

        Rendezvous offers many ways to make the booking of rooms and hot desks effortless. Even the most complex meeting can be arranged easily from a desktop with full integration with Outlook calendars. Our mobile apps make it easy for you to book a meeting or reserve a hot desk in seconds.

        Saves time and money

        Utilizing the full capabilities of the Crestron TSS platform, it is easy for meeting hosts to check in and check out. Rendezvous enables you to set up business rules so that unclaimed rooms can be booked again, reducing the number of no-shows significantly.

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