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        Crestron + Indoor Finders

        Indoor Finders System (IFS) offers an ultra-fast mobile app, web portal, room display panel and kiosk tablet app in one comprehensive integrated system.

        Indoor Finders features office solutions like …

        • Indoor wayfinding
        • Real-time indoor positioning
        • Meeting room scheduling
        • People locator
        • Seating management
        • Space planning
        • Workspace reservation

        Instantly upscales the workplace with the beautiful-looking Crestron room display panel

        As a complimentary module, the IFS app installed on the Crestron panel not only displays the real-time daily schedule from Microsoft Exchange Server®, Office 365®, or Google Calendar™ applications, but. but also allows users to book ad-hoc meetings with ease. The app also allows administrators to enforce check-in and eliminate “no-shows”.

        Free theme design for that perfect styling match with the Crestron panels

        IFS is preloaded with several beautifully-crafted themes. Themes are entirely CSS-based and 100% customizable. Themes can be applied globally or adjusted to individual rooms. Our team can customize or add new themes to match your corporate styling - completely free of charge.

        Zero client configuration

        All settings are managed 100% by the administrator via the Indoor Finders Admin web portal. The admin portal also enables administrators to make setting changes and view heartbeat/room utilization reports. Config and setting changes are pushed to the display panel automatically.