Crestron + Huddly
        Smart video: the future
        of hybrid work

        Next generation of hybrid collaboration

        The Huddly L1 camera integration for the Crestron Flex kits. Designed to make video meeting inclusive and productive for the whole team. Delivering a smart, high-quality user experience to large and medium rooms.

        Everyone is seen and included

        Compact and with no moving mechanical parts, the Huddly L1 features a large image sensor and custom lens that captures everyone in sharp quality. Instant framing and Full-HD video lets remote participants see everyone’s face clearly and pick up on non-verbal cues, even from those at the far end of the table.

        Sees the room, all of the time

        The camera’s neural engine intelligently frames participants while retaining an overview of the entire room, even while zoomed in¬–capturing data such as meeting room usage, occupancy, and people count.

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