Google Assistant

        Crestron technology integrated with Google Assistant takes your home automation experience to the ultimate level, enabling precision control of all the lights in your home with just the power of your voice.

        Use the sound of your voice to create the perfect lighting for any occasion, whether its dimming the chandelier for an intimate dinner party in the dining room or turning off lights around the house when its time for bed. But lighting control is just the beginning; voice control of the full world of Crestron home automation is soon to come!


        Technical Specifications

        The Crestron & Google Assistant integration is now live.


        Voice control using Crestron enabled Google Assistant currently allows you to command:

        • Thermostats
        • Shades and Draperies
        • Lighting


        • All 3-Series processors firmware version 1.501.0025(Internet access required)
        • SIMPL Windows v4.04.03.00




        Crestron + Google Assistant Voice Control has now gone live. To make the process of integrating Google Assistant with Crestron lighting as easy as possible, we have created a Quick Start guide. Download it now and let your voice take control.