Crestron + Door Tablet

        Door Tablet is a comprehensive workspace management solution. Our system handles meeting rooms, wayfinding displays, hot desking and more.

        We create intelligent buildings by employing the latest smart building technologies:

        • RFID
        • Access Control
        • Sensors
        • Health Monitors

        Make your meetings shine

        Door Tablet operates as a native application on Crestron’s latest models, taking advantage of all their characteristics. Door Tablet leverages the Crestron hardware capabilities and allows you to transform the displays to match your corporate image.

        Smart meeting rooms make buildings smarter

        Our solution makes the most of the Crestron occupancy sensor to automate processes and improve space utilization. Integrated Health Sensors, such as our CO2 sensor, will help you look after the wellbeing of your staff at any time for both your meeting rooms and communal areas.

        Find your way

        In the modern business, users expect information and guidance to be readily available. The Door Tablet wayfinding displays help you deliver information in a timely and clear manner. Our touch models provide complete interactivity with a wealth of functions.

        Not every beast is hard to control

        Life can be a complex place. Workplace management shouldn’t be. Our admin interface allows you to manage all aspects of Door Tablet from one clear and intuitive interface. You may control all business rules and their implementation via powerful tools.


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