Crestron + domotz
        Provide better service and run your business more efficiently

        Best-in-Class Network Monitoring and Management Software

        As modern technology grows in complexity, monitoring and troubleshooting customer networks can be challenging. Domotz® remote access technology is the perfect solution to stay on top of your customers' Crestron technology systems from anywhere, anytime, while reducing support costs and improving operational efficiency. With the Domotz solution, integrators can efficiently monitor their clients' networks, reducing the need for costly truck rolls and saving time and money.

        Manage Any Network Remotely

        With Domotz, you can securely and conveniently access remote networks to:

        • View all Crestron and third-party devices live on the network with one click
        • Monitor network performance in real time
        • Receive customizable alerts
        • Troubleshoot issues and preemptively resolve them
        • Power devices on/off or reboot
        • Make programming and configuration changes
        • Perform maintenance and upgrades

        Domotz® Cloud

        This cloud service gives you 24/7 access to historical network data and reports, along with remote management tools and customizable alerts and reports. Domotz maintains this secure cloud service with the latest technical improvements and updates. The Domotz cloud services are extensible through a REST API for custom integrations.

        Domotz Network Collector

        This intelligent, lightweight software collector runs on your local network. It constantly scans the network environment and updates the Domotz cloud when changes occur. It also listens for remote connection requests from the secure Domotz cloud.

        Grow Your Business With Domotz

        If you are an integrator, Domotz is the solution for you.